Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in law and the Secretary of Everything, got his security clearance downgraded. Not stripped, just downgraded. Too little too late. 4 foreign governments have tried to have their way with him which is really bad for America because Jared needs foreign money to get him out of his billion dollar debt.

Ivanka still has security clearance, though, which means she’ll tell Jared everything after the governesses put the kids to bed because Jared is her husband and the president is her father.

Trump voters either don’t know what nepotism means, they don’t care, or they’re sleeping with their sister.

Hope Hicks spent 9 hours with the House Intelligence Committee. She didn’t say much. She’s a communication director and she never says much. Hope is like a granddaughter to Trump. Perhaps if she weren’t his surrogate granddaughter he’d be dating her. Or maybe he is dating her and that’s just one of thousands of lies that they’re telling.

Hope Hicks says that telling white lies in the White House is just part of her job.

The president got the kids their own communications nanny director in the fall. His name is Josh Raffel and he just quit. Were Jared and Ivanka too much to handle or is he getting the hell out of there to save his own ass? He won’t say if he has been interviewed by Bob Mueller. Either way he won’t be putting working for the Trump family on his resume.

NSA Chief, Admiral Mike Rogers, says Trump has not given him any orders to disrupt cyber warfare declared on us by Russia. They’re already meddling in the 2018 election and Big Daddy Trump is totally cool with it.

We’re under attack and the President of the United States has done nothing.

It’s Black History Month. Slaves built the White House and the Capitol. Bill O’Reilly said that it wasn’t that big of a deal because they were well fed. 12 American presidents owned slaves. 8 of them owned slaves while they were president. Andrew Jackson owned the most — he had 160. He called slaves “unfortunate creatures.” Trump has a portrait of him hanging in the Oval Office.

Once built, the doors were shut tight on the slaves that built it. You can’t come in here. This is the WHITE house.

Failed presidential candidate, Ben Carson, got a job running Housing and Urban Development (HUD) because anybody who would take a job working for Trump is a puke face, ass kissing, dumb shit loser and a perfect fit for America’s first crime family. He said that poverty is a state of mind and that slaves were immigrants. He’s cutting programs for the homeless, elderly and the poor but he just bought himself a new dining room set for his government office for $31,000. He’s not paying for it. We’re paying for it. Ben Carson was black but now he’s white.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Steve Montenegro, a candidate for Congress in a special election in Arizona, just conceded after he got busted sexting with a staffer. Montenegro is married AND a minister. He was running for Trent Franks’ seat. Trent resigned over sexual harassment allegations. Trent endorsed Steve. So did Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The Republican Christians are scratching their heads wondering, what’s the big deal? Why quit? After all, the Republican Bible, in Trump 3:18, clearly states that pedophilia, wife beating, and sexting when you’re married and a minister is OK as long as a Democrat doesn’t do it.

Trump said he wanted to raise the age of gun buyers and then he quickly took that back because he does that a lot.

Dick’s Sporting Goods isn’t waiting for Congress to do the right thing. It’s not selling assault style rifles anymore and they won’t be selling guns to minors.

A Florida House panel approved arming teachers over the objection of Parkland parents because Republicans never go against the NRA family.

An elementary school in Oklahoma installed bulletproof shelters inside classrooms to protect students in case someone comes in with an AR-15 that they bought legally.

The kids have returned to school today in Parkland after watching their friends get murdered on Valentine’s Day. Gun nuts are sending them death threats and the Republicans are rationalizing this by saying that the left put them up to it.

Trump announced he’s running for re-election in 2020. He hired his web designer, the bearded geek who ran social media on his last campaign, Brad Pascale, to be his campaign manager because he wants to keep double agents in the family.

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