Fat Heads

740 domestic terrorists have been charged for attacking the Capitol so far. 240 have pleaded guilty. 500 haven’t had their turn in the queue yet. The first one to say he wants a trial is Three Percenter from Texas, Guy Wesley Reffitt. His trial is on February 28 and he’ll be tried on five counts. One of the charges is carrying a gun and ammunition into the Capitol with him. His teenaged son turned him in. Both he and his sister will testify that he threatened to kill them if they ratted him out. The idiot filmed everything he did with a camera stuck to the top of his stupid fat head plus he shows up on surveillance camera footage and hundreds of phone cameras and he says he’s not guilty. Fat head.

These stupid fat heads are not only losing their freedom and will be forever branded as a domestic terrorists, but they’ve lost jobs, friends, customers, and even spouses. Richard Barnard got a misdemeanor charge but he still lost a six figure job, his retirement and his credit rating. Stupid, stupid fat head.

Speaking of stupid fat heads, My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell is really mad right now because his shipment of pillows and Bibles that he sent to the Ontario Freedom Convoy protesters was denied entry into Canada because of lack of vaccination proof.

One of the fat head Canadian truckers, Jake Klassen, is feeling sorry for himself because his 9 year old daughter is in hospice care and he can’t visit her because he’s not vaccinated. Neither is his wife. He says he has risked everything to protest vaccine mandates. He abandoned his dying daughter for “the cause.”

Fat head Ted Cruz went after Biden’s judicial nominee Nina Morrison in a Judiciary Committee hearing for being “soft on crime.” He squeezed in every buzzword the repugs use to scare voters into his rude soliloquy to make the case that it’s the radical liberals who let criminals go so they can hit the streets and re-offend — “skyrocketing crime rates, homicide rates, burglary rates, carjacking rates……” all because of the Democrats. Biden’s pick for a lifetime seat on the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York has spent the past 20 years working for the Innocence Project. She helped get over 30 people who were wrongly convicted out of prison and off of death row yet Ted Cruz used her to perform for the cameras so Fox would use the clip to blame the Democrats for the rise in crime rates. Never mind that once prosecutors get involved a crime has already occurred. They have nothing to do with making and enforcing laws. They prosecute crimes after they happen. Doesn’t matter. Fox viewers don’t think that hard because their heads are clogged with fat.

Josh Hawley piled on with “murders,” “throwing rocks,” “gasoline,” “assault,” “looters,” “rioting”… a string of scary words that can be used in sound bytes. “I cannot support your nomination” or anyone else who is soft on crime he told the cameras, for being soft on crime is a “pattern with this administration.” Josh Hawley is a fat head even though his head is really long and skinny and looks like a run on neck with eyes, nose and a mouth.

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and 4 other senators signed on to a letter to the DOJ saying they are against a national no fly list for people who are flipping out on planes, putting crews and passengers in danger, and forcing emergency landings. Those stupid fat heads are their constituents! They say it’s about masks and liberty and freedom and blah blah blah, but flight attendants say different. These fatheads are racists. They don’t punch anybody or threaten to kill people without screaming out racial slurs too. Flight attendants blame politics. This sort of thing used to happen only a few times in one’s career and now, thanks to the Republicans letting the worst of us loose, it happens all the time.

Ryan Zinke, Trump’s former interior secretary, broke federal ethics rules by using his position to make land deals in Montana that benefitted himself then lied to investigators about it. Nothing will happen to him because he’s a rich white man and nothing ever happens to them whenever they crime or bend the rules because laws and rules are meant for everybody else who doesn’t have a rich white penis. That’s why rich white men have such big heads. Every time they get away with something their heads get a little fatter. He’s running for congress and will probably win.

Trump is putting up a fight about the National Archives releasing visitor logs to the Select Committee. What for? Does he not want anyone to know who came and went before the insurrection or is he afraid that the committee will get a blank log revealing that they let anybody in the White House??

Trump’s attorneys have had it with their stupid fat head client after he published a memo denying the accusations of a 115 page petition that AG Tish James filed that says he and his kids will need to be deposed to answer questions about the 30% mark up for “brand value” on his financial statements, plus his declared net worth of $5.7 billion in 2014. They’d also like them to explain the $302 million cash on hand that he claimed. On Monday Trump’s lawyers said he doesn’t have any knowledge of these numbers and on Tuesday Trump admitted in writing that he knew those numbers. Now that’s going to be admitted into evidence. Stupid fucking fat head disagreed with his own lawyers in public.

Speaking of stupid fucking fat heads, where’s Matt Gaetz?

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.