The House Judiciary Committee has opened an impeachment inquiry, filing in court for grand jury testimony from the Mueller Report. FINALLY.

The Supreme Court’s Republicans told Trump he could build his wall and use the Pentagon budget to pay for it. The bad news Trump will get to build a tiny portion of his racist monument to himself and Mexico won’t pay for it, we will. The good news is that the next Democratic president can use the war budget for the national security threat of climate change. FINALLY.

Glacial ice is melting 10 to 100 times faster than first hypothesized.

Mitch McConnell is on America’s shit list. He accepted donations from voting machine lobbyists right before blocking election security bills. He has accepted millions from Russian oligarchs for his Senate PAC. He ran interference for Trump during the 2016 campaign to stop Obama from warning the country about Trump and Russia. His wife got a job in Trump’s cabinet right after he was sworn in. He helped lift sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. He accepted money from Oleg Deripaska for his state. He wouldn’t let the Senate vote on protecting Bob Mueller from getting fired by Trump. Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset. Mitch the Bitch is getting a lot of attention. FINALLY. #MoscowMitch

Republican hypocrite fun fact. Kentucky’s other senator, Rand Paul, is in bed with the Russians, too. He was in Moscow last year and partied with Russian oligarchs and officials, including someone subject to US sanctions. He called the Mueller probe a witch hunt and was against the Mueller Report being released.

More Democrats are on record for supporting impeachment. FINALLY. It’s not 100 for impeachment and 135 against. It’s 100 who are willing to go on record at this stage of the game and 135 who aren’t.

Dems better all be in for impeachment because their primary challengers sure will be.

Republicans are starting to announce that they won’t seek re-election in 2020. So far 3 House members and 1 Senate member have said they’re throwing in the towel. Susan Fucking Collins is undecided, as usual. She is disappointed in the dark money groups attacking her. The crowd fund campaign made up of $25 donations to unseat her and support any Democrat to run against her is not “dark money.” Susan Collins could be out. FINALLY!

Trump is yelling at Congressman Elijah Cummings on Twitter this morning defending his concentration camps at the border as “clean” while Cummings’ city, Baltimore, is dirty and infested with rats.

Fox News was “reporting” on Baltimore being infested with rats an hour before Trump tweeted that Elijah Cummings was a rat.

Fox News could be one of the rats that jumps ship before the Trumptanic sinks. FINALLY. Fox News is dangerous. Old white people are dying of natural causes in their Lazy Boys with guns across their laps and Fox News blaring. They died paranoid and pissed off at liberals, immigrants, black people, Muslims, and the gays. Their last thought and breath was SEND THEM BACK. Way to go.

A federal judge ruled that the shitty teenager from Covington Catholic High School who was filmed mocking and harassing a native American who was peacefully protesting in Washington DC can’t sue the Washington Post for libel. He’s not going to get $250 million for being called out for being a shitty white teenager. He and his shitty male friends where there protesting a woman’s right to abortion.

A second US citizen has been detained by ICE in 3 weeks. This time a 9 year old girl. ICE grabbed her off the street while she was walking to school and detained her for 2 days.

IMPEACH that Mother Fucker and vote out every single Republican in Congress, state legislatures and city councils. The GOP must be demolished. FINALLY.

People are in the streets in Hong Kong and Moscow right now demanding democracy. Americans haven’t read the Mueller report.

Congress is out of session. It’s summer recess. That means members are back in their districts for 6 weeks. People who are just waking up to how Trump is a threat to our very existence need to show up in their offices and town halls and DEMAND IMPEACHMENT.


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