First Degree of Separation

Spike Dolomite
5 min readApr 15, 2021


Kim Potter has been charged with Second Degree Manslaughter in the Daunte Wright case. She’s out on bond now after resigning so she could keep her pension. As a president of a police union she knows how to work the system. She knows how to work the system as a white cop, too. She was training a new cop when she shot and killed Duante. One degree of separation. White supremacy is taught.

Speaking of one degree of separation, George Floyd’s girlfriend was Duante Wright’s teacher.

Advanced degree: A former police officer in Buffalo, New York, Cariol Horne, was fired in 2006 for intervening when another cop used excessive force when he almost killed a handcuffed suspect in a chokehold. She got fired for doing that and lost her pension after serving on the police force for 19 of the 20 years required to receive it. Cariol is black. The other officer is white. The State Supreme Court just ruled that she will be given her job back with back pay, pension, and benefits. 6 months ago the mayor of Buffalo signed “Cariol’s Law” which stated that cops who believe that a fellow officer is using excessive force must intervene to stop it or face criminal charges. That’s one degree in the right direction.

Here’s another degree to the Cariol Horne story. Buffalo, New York is the place where cops were filmed pushing a 75 year old man (who was protesting George Floyd’s murder) to the ground where his head split open on the cement and blood poured out which sent him to the hospital. They had stepped right over him and left him there, bleeding out.

Add a couple more degrees to the south to the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt 3 months ago when she tried to jump through a broken interior glass door that she and her gang had just bashed in at the Capitol in Washington DC. One cop warned her several times to back down and she didn’t so he shot her. He won’t be charged for her death because he was defending himself, the members of Congress and anybody else who was trying to evacuate the House Chamber.

When Black people are shot dead by police, there is a postmortem character assassination like what’s going on right now with the Derek Chauvin trial, but when a white woman is killed by police, there is character redemption as with Ashli Babbitt. The media would describe her as a veteran, not an insurrectionist. Quite a few degrees of apartheid when it comes to black and white people getting shot and killed by police.

While we’re at the Capitol — one of Alex Jones’s employees has been arrested for being part of the resurrection, err insurrection.

Back up a couple of degrees to nearby Tennessee where an idiot accidentally shot himself in a dressing room at Walmart while he was trying on pants. You could keep going a degree here, a degree there, a degree anywhere because gun nuts are regularly shooting themselves on accident all over the country on any given day because ‘Merica is home to a whole lot of idiots.

Speaking of idiots, take a few more degrees back up to the Capitol where Senator John Cornyn made a total ass out of himself on TV when he actually thought Kristen Clarke was being serious when she ridiculed the book, The Bell Curve, in an article she wrote for her college paper a long time ago. She wrote that white people are genetically inferior to black people which was pure satire as any college student would understand but that was lost on John Cornyn. He thought he found a good “gotcha” for the cameras and made an ass out of himself along with other Republiqans seeking attention. Kristen Clarke is a civil rights attorney. She is Biden’s pick for DOJ Civil Rights Chief. The plantation owners in the Senate got owned by Kristen Clarke and they didn’t even know it because when satire is really good, the butt of the joke doesn’t know it.

The one degree that has separated white people from all “other” people is at a boiling point and can no longer be denied or avoided. Colin Kaepernick kicked it off by taking a knee which cost him his job. Separate that by one degree where Derek Chauvin killed a black man with his knee and lost his job and could go to jail. If he does, the degree of the arc will be more solidly bent more towards justice.

Those who sit up at the top of Law and Order swear up and down that there is no such thing as systemic racism in policing. There are no degrees of separation between them because they are all white.

Systemic racism is a 400 year old problem. Progress is made in increments, then white people relax back into the status quo. Progress — status quo. Progress — status quo. Social media and camera phones are speeding things up so that white people can’t take their time with this anymore. The degrees of separation are putting the ugly truth in white people’s faces every day.

White supremacy must be destroyed, not just controlled or modified. It’s not enough for white people to be against racism, they have to be anti-racist. They have to actively fight to end white supremacy.

“The black man has functioned in the white man’s world as a fixed star, as an immovable pillar: and as he moves out of his place, heaven and earth are shaken to their foundations.” — James Baldwin

Did you feel that? Second degree burns.

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