Fitting In

Trump has been in court most of his life, over 4,100 cases spanning 3 decades — a wide array of business dealings with a huge team of lawyers who keep very busy; contract disputes, wrongful termination, going after gamblers who stiffed him at his casinos, stiffing contractors out of money he owed them, and unpaid taxes, family members suing each other over money, divorces, defamation claims, sexual assaults, and just outright suing his enemies over anything to ruin them financially because they have to spend all their money on legal fees. Now he’s entered a new realm of litigation involving him as president. First up in the cue are cases involving his campaigns. He lost 63 suits that he brought regarding the results of the 2020 election and there has been an ongoing civil suit that was brought by protesters who were assaulted by Trump’s bodyguards while they were in front of Trump Tower after he announced his run for president. A transcript of his deposition in that case was just made public and it’s embarrassing. He rambled on and on about the dangers of fruit: “They were going to throw fruit. We were threatened that they were going to throw fruit. We were warned. That’s violent stuff and we were warned. Tomatoes are fruit because it has seeds. Very dangerous.”

When asked if he ever told his security guards to knock the crap out of anybody who might throw tomatoes he turned to another fruit: “Well a tomato…..a pineapple…….a lot of other things they throw. Ya, I think they have to be aggressive in stopping that from happening because if that happens you can be killed if that happens…’s dangerous stuff.”

When asked if he ever saw anybody with tomatoes he replied, “I don’t know. The speech was good.”

This guy was the most powerful man on earth, in charge of the nuclear codes.

Big tough guy is afraid of tomatoes and pineapples. And bananas. He’s bananas. Fits right in.

Steve Scalise is spinning the leaked tape of him and Kevin McCarthy as just an ordinary private conversation — a back and forth between two leaders in the GOP, bouncing around thoughts, some true, some not. No big deal. More revisionist history by Republicans that could work since the people who vote for them might not know much about this breaking news. Scalise covered his bases (no pun intended — he was shot at baseball practice,) by telling anybody who might accidentally hear real news that what they heard him say might not really be what they heard him say. The Party says don’t trust your own eyes and ears. If you want to fit in, do not question what the Party tells you.

Trump is saying everything is cool between him and Kevin McCarthy. Since they’re both colossal, in your face liars, they’re lying about each other and to each other so McCarthy must be very nervous. They hate each other but Kevin needs him so he has to keep on lying to fit in and Trump knows it.

Tucker Carlson covered the McCarthy recordings on his show but with a wild new spin that none of his viewers will challenge. He accused Kevin McCarthy of being a puppet for the Democratic party. “Those are the tape-recorded words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, a man who in private, turns out, sounds like an MSNBC contributor.” You don’t fit in anymore, Kevin! You’re out!

John Bennett, chair of the Oklahoma GOP, is running for Congress and he’ll fit right in. At a campaign event he got a lot of applause for saying he wants to put Dr. Anthony Fauci in front of a firing squad.

Trumplican candidate for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania, 6’ 4”, 360 pound, tattooed Teddy Daniels, has been evicted from his house after beating his wife, terrorizing their child and threatening to kill the family dog. The cops are well acquainted with him. He’s got a record of the same thing with two other women and mothers of his children — stalking, battering, death threats. He fits right in.

Thom Tillis has called for an investigation into Madison Cawthorn for insider trading. Getting busted for driving without a license three times, trying to get a gun on to a plane at the airport, claiming to be invited to Republican cocaine orgies, photos of him wearing women’s lingerie, and now insider trading. He fits right in but they want to get rid of him. Everybody else can stay. If they’re going to use insider trading to get rid of him why didn’t Tillis mention any of the other members of Congress who have gotten rich through insider trading, such as Republican Richard Burr, the former Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, who benefitted from the confidential information he received on a daily basis about COVID that prompted him to sell $1.6 million in stock in major travel corporations that were going to sink due to the pandemic. The stocks lost their value but he didn’t. While he was doing that he was lying to the public about the dangers they faced. On February 7, 2020 he said that the US is better equipped to handle a pandemic than ever before. Six days later he dumped his stock and told his brother in law and friends to do the same (he likened what was coming to the 1918 pandemic.) He stepped down as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee after the FBI took his phone. He was cleared of any wrong doing at the midnight hour by Bill Barr’s DOJ right before Biden’s inauguration. He’s not running for re-election. He doesn’t fit in anymore. He’s just a liar and crook, not a fascist.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.