Florida — Too Cruel for School

Teachers and school librarians in Florida have removed ALL books from library shelves and classrooms because they know Governor Ron DeSantis is serious when he says that if they don’t he will have them jailed just like Hitler did in Germany. He is going to have their books inspected and will return only the books that are sanctioned by the state, just like Hitler did in Germany. He’s censoring not only what teachers let their students read, but he’s censoring what they’re allowed to say in the classroom which excludes anything about race, black history, or homosexuality, just like Hitler did in Germany. Governor Ron DeSantis is banning books in Florida, just like Hitler did in Germany.

DeSantis accused teachers of indoctrinating students with leftist ideologies. He has taken control of public schools so he can indoctrinate students with right-wing ideologies that protect systemic racism.

There are 4,202 public schools in 69 districts in Florida. DeSantis’s Nazi inspired law requires books to be approved by a government employee with a valid “educational media specialist” certificate. All books that a teacher has in their classroom must be cataloged online and available to (white) parents in order to be in compliance with the new state law. Teachers don’t have time for this so they’re just packing up books so they don’t go to jail because they had Captain Underpants on their shelf.

In order for his book ban plan to be successful, DeSantis has had to meddle in school board elections. 21 school board candidates in big counties that were endorsed by DeSantis won in November.

DeSantis says that liberal educators are “teaching kids to hate this country” so he is pushing for laws that give white, superstitious, ignorant parents power to influence what is taught to all kids by letting them “inspect curriculum.” If they find anything they don’t like they can sue the school. Teachers can be prosecuted if they “smuggle in” any “inappropriate content” such as Captain Underpants, a silly book that kids like to read for fun. Teachers know that if kids read for fun, they’re read MORE. If they read more, they’ll do better in school in general, but what do they know, they’re just teachers.

The new laws are designed to keep kids from reading anything that is not approved by the government, just like Germany. This way, the truth about slavery and systemic racism can be kept from new generations. If the truth is not taught in schools, white supremacy will prevail. In addition, the new laws give white parents the power to punish educators if they say that their kids are made to feel uncomfortable or discriminated against. Ron DeSantis has a BA in history from Yale. 20 years ago he taught history at an elite boarding school. He defended the south when he taught the Civil War. He’s got another degree from Harvard — Juris Doctor cum laude. He’s highly educated and knows what he’s doing. He’s like Trump, only smarter. Ron DeSantis knows exactly what he’s doing, just like Hitler.

Nazi segregation fun fact: Hitler studied how America successfully kept the races apart legally during Jim Crow and applied the same strategies to segregating Jews, homosexuals, disabled, etc.

DeSantis started the critical race theory craze. He started banning books that didn’t exist to keep teachers from teaching a subject that never existed in order to get racist white parents enraged and organized to accept his claim that their kids were being taught by woke teachers who want to make their kids feel guilty about being white. It worked. Nobody asked for proof and he knew they wouldn’t. The dumb ones would never ask because they’re dumb, and the smart ones would never ask because they’re smart. When he had them where he wanted them, he tricked them in to going in to school board meetings to threaten school board members. He got them to believe that the colored people and liberals were taking over, just like Trump did. He got them to go along with book burning, outlawing Black history, and violating the constitutional rights of the LGBTQ community.

One reason Florida is eliminating African American history is because they don’t want students to find out about things like the Rosewood Massacre where white people murdered all the Black residents of a Florida town in 1923.

An elementary school teacher in Pensacola quit after she was directed to remove posters of Harriet Tubman and Barack Obama.

A few years ago a middle school social studies teacher, Dayanna Volitich, resigned after everybody found out she had her own white supremacist podcast called, “Unapologetic” where she ranted about Jewish conspiracies and Muslims needing to be eradicated from the earth. She believed that more white supremacists should teach so they could infiltrate their views.

Another middle school teacher in Jacksonville told his class not to date African Americans because they weren’t worth it.

An 11 year old boy in Florida was arrested because he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.

A cop in Orlando arrested a six year old little girl for throwing a tantrum and kicking a staff member in her first grade class. They handcuffed her, put her in a police car, took her mug shot, locked her up in a juvenile detention center and charged her with battery. She was Black. The cop arrested another six year old kid on the same day at a different location.

Students have to keep track of their menstrual periods and submit that information to the schools in order to play sports. Parents in Leon County have to be notified if a gay or trans student wants to take PE or go on an overnight school trip.

Florida is really short on teachers because 9,000 quit after DeSantis made them work through the pandemic and sicked parents on them. They were sick of putting their lives on the line with COVID and gun violence. They were sick of being forced to go along with policies that were unconstitutional, racist and homophobic. They were sick of being blamed for the failures of parents and Ron DeSantis.

Rick Scott, the former governor who is now a US senator, signed a law that prohibited pediatricians and all physicians from discussing safe storage of firearms with families with small children. He also made schools display “In God We Trust” on their walls.

At the collegiate level, public colleges and universities survey professors and students for “intellectual diversity” (political beliefs) and then the state legislature decides if institutions are “diverse enough.” If not, they get sanctioned. DeSantis has threatened cuts to their budgets if they decide students are being “indoctrinated.” The president of the Florida senate, Wilton Simpson called state colleges and universities “socialism factories.” DeSantis said, “We do not want hotbeds for stale ideology.” He has also instructed all colleges to provide him with a list of all trans students and records of their gender affirming medical care.

DeSantis appointed Eddie Speir, co-founder of a Christian charter school, to the Board of Trustees for New College a week ago. Speir says his assignment is to lead New College out of wokeness. The first thing he wants to do is get legal approval to immediately terminate the contracts of all faculty, staff, and administration at the university. Christopher Rufo was appointed to the board of trustees at the same time. He is a senior fellow for the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, and a conservative writer and activist. He is part of the critical race theory hysteria and was in attendance when DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, AKA the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. He said he plans on eliminating equity, diversity, and inclusion language, and will create “a new core curriculum.” He’s going to work with Speir to overhaul the school’s administration and academic departments in the first few months of his term. No more “social justice-oriented orthodoxy.”

New College of Florida is a liberal arts college.

When former US Senator Ben Sasse showed up at the University of Florida after being unofficially given the job of president in secret by Ron DeSantis, students rose up in protest to call out the secrecy and Sasse’s opposition to same-sex marriage. The college banned the students from protesting.

Governor Ron DeSantis leads Florida just like Trump led America. They’re both demagogues who lie, defy the constitution, break the law, discriminate, punish critics, and let people die. Ron DeSantis is just like Trump except he’s educated. Highly educated. Which makes him more dangerous, just like Hitler.

Ron DeSantis wants to be president.



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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.