Follow the Bouncing Ball

While the media stayed focused and obsessed with sex scandals, our democracy continued to fight for its life. All day long with the sex stories. It’s like America is obsessed with sex or something. Republicans want to punish those who have it and Democrats want people to have it without unwanted pregnancy. Republicans are trying to draw a moral equivalence to a one time moment of bad judgement and a longtime pattern of pedophilia. Liberals don’t care who is having sex with whom just as long as there is no victim involved. Evangelicals want to put people in jail who have sex with a member of their own sex. Southerners want everybody to be virgins, like Mary. It looks as though everybody is doing it and everybody is lying about it, and those who aren’t doing it are thinking they should be doing it. The media can’t get enough of it.

Reporters spent the day calling every possible former female co-worker of Al Franken’s to try and find more women who were sexually assaulted by him. They came up as empty handed as Al’s hands in that tacky photo. He never really touched her boobs while she was sleeping but oh well, he could have! Sexual predators offend over and over. They don’t apologize or ask for an ethics investigation into their own behavior. Al Franken is not a sexual predator.

Leeann Tweeden says she told her story to give others the courage to do the same. Funny, as a nude model and sports radio personality, she must be around men all the time but no drunken football player or fan has ever groped her? She’s really lucky that the only man that ever made her uncomfortable was Al Franken. Leeann Tweeden was the perfect person to go after liberal Al. She is conservative, but conservative women won’t sympathize or identify with her because she’s a naughty girl. Liberals will jump to her defense regardless of her being a Trump supporter or flashing her boobs for money. She’s a woman who says she felt violated so she must be believed. So now that she’s had her 15 minutes of fame can we all go back to not knowing who she is?

The governor of Alabama says that while she believes Roy Moore’s accusers, she’s still voting for Roy because he’s a Republican.

Doug Jones is leading Roy Moore in the polls but don’t get too excited. Hillary was ahead too.

The former president of Panama, and Trump’s “friend,” Ricardo Martinelli, is in jail in southern Florida for political espionage while he awaits extradition for embezzling public money and spying on political opponents. Like Trump, he was a billionaire businessman with no prior political experience. He ran as the “everyman” candidate. He was outrageous and vulgar and he won. He helped Trump get his name on one of the new hotels that was built there. Trump calls Martinelli his good friend. The investors? Russians. The lead for the Trump organization on the project? Ivanka. The hotel stands pretty much empty. It’s used for Russians to hide their dirty money. Will Trump pardon his good friend?

The new Republican tax bill gives rich people with their own private jets a tax break but no tax breaks for the little guy. The little guy can wash their jets and be grateful they have a job.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah has been a US Senator for 40 years. He’s old and cranky and forgetful and sleepy. He also happens to be one of the richest men in the Senate. He’s worth close to $5 million, almost 5 times as much as any other member of congress. How does that happen on a $174,000 a year salary? He prides himself on being a man of humble means but he’s not. He got all bent out of shape when Senator Sherrod Brown (a Democrat) called him out during a Senate Finance Committee meeting for working for the rich. They got into a verbal tussle and had to be shut down. It was glorious. Sherrod Brown’s net worth is $600,000–77% less than the average member of the Senate.

The Daily Stormer has named Papa John’s the official pizza of the alt-right. CEO John Schnatter blames the company’s recent financial losses on NFL players taking a knee. Since he’s the official sponsor of the NFL, he wants those black players to stand up and act right, which makes the alt-right feel all right.

The word for the day? Discernment. Think, America! Get your mind off sex and keep your eye on the ball!