Where was he radicalized?

MAGAs threw a “Justice for J6” rally in DC this weekend to make martyrs out of the lunatics that are sitting in jail now after storming the capitol, attacking law enforcement, and threatening to murder members of Congress on January 6. Hardly anyone showed up — just a few hundred. There were more cops than red hats. The QAnon’s Shaman’s little buddy was there, standing on the sidwealk singing a song he wrote for Ashli Babbitt wearing a dead fox on his head. Fox News barely mentioned it. Oh please oh please of please let this be the symbol for the new age — Fox is dead.

“The Justice for J6 rally was the hugest rally in the history of the world.” — Donald J6 Trump

17 other rallies were supposed to happen across the country to hound the libs but the red hats remained in their fox holes.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the military. Since then, 14,000 LGBTQ service members were forced out of the military which not only denied them of their careers, but it took their future plans away because they lost all of the benefits they were counting on. Joe Biden has reinstated those benefits despite their dismissal status. Medical care, disability payouts, employment assistance, VA home loans without a down payment, help with student loans, benefits for family members who care for gay disabled family members, will all be restored to veterans who served our country.

Gays in the military not so fun fact: One hundred thousand service members over the past 70 years have been discharged because they were LGBTQ.

MAGAs in the military fun fact: Trump loving, conspiracy theory believing service members would rather quit than get the covid vaccine (even though they’ve had to get all sorts of other vaccines in order to serve.) They are voluntarily throwing their own careers away rather than complying with their Commander in Chief’s request and the military’s requirement so they’re being discharged. Just as well. If these people don’t have their fellow American’s backs during the pandemic, they won’t have their fellow army buddies’ backs in a fox hole during combat.

The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, made history by being the first openly gay governor to get married while in office. He married his partner of 18 years, Marlon Reis over the weekend.

Gays in Colorado fun fact: Colorado is home to the infamous baker who made national news for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Fox News covered it relentlessly.

Republican Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez is calling it quits. He won’t be running again. He was 1 of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and suffered dearly for it. MAGAs want to kill him and his family. He had to hire security. Since he’ll have to run against a Trumplican, he’s getting out. It’s not worth it. He calls Trump a cancer on the country.

Sarah Palin is getting ready to jump back into national politics. True to dingbat fashion, she has timed her return right when death panels, a concept that she used to scare Fox News viewers with by telling them that government was going to kill grandma if Obamacare succeeded, is actually happening. Doctors are having to choose the fittest to survive out of all of the unvaccinated people who get their news from Fox.

In Idaho, home of Sarah Palin’s birth, everybody is now under a mandated Do Not Resuscitate order. Hospital systems are overwhelmed by covid and can’t keep up with all of the emergencies. Not just covid………people who show up after having heart attacks, overdosing on drugs, almost drowning, being hit by a drunk driver at 100 MPH…….if they flatline, they’ll be left for dead. The largest hospital system in the state expects to be 100% full of covid patients in 2 weeks — nobody else. There will be no beds available for appendectomies, gallbladder surgeries or broken backs if somebody gets drunk and jumps off their roof into their pool. Unvaccinated people in Idaho have caused this. They’re not just a problem for their own community, but they’re are a problem for neighboring Washington now too as they’re filling their hospital beds and spreading the virus.

At least 7 pregnant women have died from covid in Alabama. Neighboring Mississippi has had at least 15 pregnant women die from covid, half of them since July.

Outspoken anti-vaxxer Alabama YouTubers, Dusty and Tristan Graham, both died from covid, 3 weeks apart.

6,000 Raiders fans got vaccinated at the stadium so they could be let in to see the game. They wouldn’t do it for their families, friends, or to keep their jobs, but they’d do it for football.

Next approach to getting people vaccinated — outfox them with football.

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