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Spike Dolomite
4 min readApr 4, 2020

Half of the planet is on lockdown. That’s 40 million people.

There are 273,000 cases in the US and that’s just the people who were “lucky” enough to get tested. The US has the largest number of cases in the world. The worst place to be right now is in the greatest, richest, most powerful country in the world. Yesterday was the saddest day so far. There were more than 30,000 confirmed coronavirus reported cases in a single day. That’s a first. Over 7,000 people have died now. That’s a rate of someone dying every 4.7 minutes.

New York hospitals are over capacity, caring for double the number of patients than usual. Over 3,000 New Yorkers have died and that amount is doubling every three days. Medical workers in New York say that going to work every day is a suicide mission. They’re totally exposed and spreading the disease.

23% of the first responders workforce in New York is out sick (1 in 4.)

400 nursing homes are infected. 35 of them are in Georgia. The governor of Georgia said 2 days ago that he just found out that you can give someone the virus without being sick. Sounds like he only listens to Fox News and Trump.

40 states have stay at home orders. The dumb shit states are Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alabama (all red states of course.) Missouri finally got around to telling people to stay home, but not until after this weekend. Doing the right thing can wait. Red states where people have been told to stay home are still keeping strip clubs, gun stores and churches open, because god dammit — tits, guns and Jesus!

Trump’s daily propaganda briefing was a shit show, as usual. He made a joke about how he’s been with models and then blamed Obama by saying that he inherited obsolete and broken tests from him as if people don’t know that you can’t develop tests for illnesses that don’t exist. Both he and Jared are telling the country that they can decide what to do with the medical stockpile because it belongs to the family. They can either give it to the states or keep it for “themselves.” This is our stockpile. You can’t have it. Trump is shipping 200,000 masks to commercial businesses who will turn around and sell the masks to hospitals, forcing states to compete with one another to save lives. Anyone that wants what the federal government has can bid for it, including foreign countries.

Still no empathy for the families of the dead.

The HHS government website was quickly changed after Jared Kushner said on TV that the federal ventilator stockpile is not supposed to be states’ stockpiles. His team uses personal email accounts and a free online meeting service to decide what to do with their stockpile.

Instead of smoking cigars after their big important meeting at the White House, Trump gave all of the oil company CEOs a complimentary coronavirus test to celebrate.

Yesterday started with a decorated Navy admiral getting kicked off his ship for calling Trump out and ended with Trump firing the inspector general in retaliation for him doing his job and protecting the whistle blower who told on Trump which ended up getting him impeached. The mad king fired the inspector general in the middle of a pandemic.

Hobby Lobby gave its employees what they wanted finally — they get to go home, without jobs.

We have no national strategy. We don’t have enough tests, ventilators and protective equipment for doctors and nurses. States have to compete with each other to buy on the open market. We don’t really know how bad things are or where the virus is spreading because we are ill equipped to track it. 10 million people have lost their jobs. People are dying from both the coronavirus and other causes due to lack of hospital beds. Americans are less free and less secure.

“We now have to acknowledge that the federal government is a complete failure.” — Rachel Maddow

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