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Spike Dolomite
4 min readNov 19, 2020


Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota kills people

We just passed 250,000 dead from the coronavirus. A quarter of a million people have been murdered by the president and the Republican party so far. People still actually believe, because they drank the kool aid and trust the president and Republicans when they tell them that the coronavirus isn’t real, that nothing will happen to them if they don’t social distance or wear a mask. Even on their coronavirus death beds, they refuse to believe that it’s real. They’re losing their jobs and businesses because it’s real and the Republicans just laugh and say, “Get a job.”

11.2 million coronavirus survivors have heart, lung and brain damage that will make it impossible for them to get health insurance because health insurance companies can deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions if the Republicans are successful in overturning Obamacare. People will go bankrupt again over medical bills and the Republicans will just laugh and say, “Get a job.”

1,800 people died yesterday. That’s twice as many people who died at Jonestown exactly 42 years ago yesterday. Jonestown used to be the largest number of Americans who died all at once by mass murder before 9/11. The Trump Plague is over 80 times worse than 9/11. The coronavirus is Trump’s Jonestown. MAGA is a cult. Trump’s followers drink the kool aid, ask for more, and tell Trump, “Good job!”

Jonestown gun fact: Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier of San Francisco worked for Congressman Leo Ryan, Jr in 1978. He and some of his staff flew down to Guyana in South America to see what was going on with Jim Jones and his cult. Jackie was one of the staffers that went. Congressman Ryan was shot and killed by the cult. Jackie was shot too. She spent the night laying on the tarmac where she was left for dead. She not only stayed on the job after that, she ran for office herself and won, 16 times for 4 different offices. She does a great job.

Schools have closed in New York, leaving parents in a quandary again over what to do about childcare and if they’ll lose their jobs. Republicans want to keep it all open and if you die, you die. You’re not worth anything to them anyway so shut up and drink the kool aid.

Trump’s crackpot “doctor” Scott Atlas says that people staying home is what is deadly because isolation kills people. He’s encouraging people to celebrate Thanksgiving as you always have because for many seniors this will be their last Thanksgiving so don’t take it away from them. If people gather for Thanksgiving they’re almost guaranteeing it will be the last Thanksgiving for seniors. The Trump administration is politicizing Thanksgiving. Don’t let the government take Thanksgiving away from you! Give us liberty or give us death! Take back Thanksgiving! Throw Grandma from the Trump Train! She doesn’t have a job anyway so what good is she?

Republican Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota is doing a terrible job. She is killing people. Her state is a death trap because of her and she STILL won’t enforce a mask mandate. “I don’t want to approach a policy or a mandate just looking to make people feel good.” Good job, Kristi. Good, good, good.

Trump is suing Pennsylvania to not only nullify the election results but he wants his team to count the votes too. This is the way Trump has always done things. Filing frivolous lawsuits to create confusion and chaos and wear people down so they give up is what he does. Rudy Giuliani admitted that his job is create enough chaos and doubt that Republican legislatures in swing states will appoint their own electors to benefit Trump.

Trump is trying to nullify the election results in Nevada by suing individual electors including a jobless, homeless veteran.

Republicans will justify their indifference to Trump creating doubt and mistrust in our democratic elections by saying they kept quiet because they were waiting for states to certify. That’s what they’ve always done (no it isn’t.) They’re just doing their job (no they’re not.)

The Senate has left for the holiday after doing nothing but confirming a 33 year old unqualified judge who has only tried 2 cases to a lifetime appointment. No covid relief before Thanksgiving because fuck y’all. Republicans don’t care about America or Americans anymore than Trump does. It’s their job not to care or do any work on behalf of the tax paying public. 31,000 more people filed for unemployment last week and 12 million will lose their unemployment benefits the day after Christmas and the Republicans’ attitude is, “Get a job.”

Trump has nothing on his schedule today, again. He hasn’t taken any questions about the election in 2 weeks. As usual, Trump is asleep on the job.

62 days until Trump is escorted out of the People’s House and the people can say, “Get a job!”

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