Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated

Spike Dolomite
4 min readSep 10, 2021


We’re back up to 1,500 people dying from covid every day BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SELFISH STUPID ASSHOLES AND WON’T GET VACCINATED!

“Don’t Question” “Stay Asleep” “Don’t Think” “Just Obey”

“Get vaccinated get vaccinated get vaccinated get vaccinated.”

President Biden has had it with these people because they’re getting other people sick. He went on TV and said enough is enough. He called out the 25% of population who refuse to get vaccinated by saying that they are endangering everyone and we’re running out of patience with them. Their refusal to do their part to get the pandemic under control has cost all of us. “This isn’t about freedom,” he said. Then he whispered, “Get vaccinated” which was genius because that’s the sound byte the right wing media is using to accuse Biden of trying to brainwash people. Now they’ll be playing a subliminal message over and over for their cult followers who just may pick it up and go get vaccinated, as suggested. Biden also called out the politicians (Republicans) who have politicized the pandemic for their own political gain.

Biden has mandated that all federal employees and contract workers be vaccinated. That’s it. Bullshit over. The same goes for anyone who works in a hospital or in a place of business that has more than 100 workers. This is going to piss the anti vaxxers off but it’s a huge relief to employers who just want to make money and get this freaking plague over with. Biden’s team did their homework before mandating the vaccine and there is plenty of precedent to use his presidential power to make people get vaccinated for the good of the country. He’ll be sued but doesn’t care. Let them sue. All he cares about it getting covid under control and saving lives.

The Los Angeles Unified School District school board voted unanimously that all kids 12 and up must be vaccinated. It’s mandatory. That’s about 250,000 kids in middle and high schools. The LAUSD school board has a long history of putting itself before kids so this is huge. They really got it right this time. School board president Kelly Gonez called Donald Trump and his allies out for brainwashing people about covid. She also subtley called out racism by saying that a significant portion of their population distrusts doctors and for good reason. LA is very liberal but it does have its fair share of MAGAs, Karens, and wacko woo woo “my aura is synchronized with my immune system” new age nuts, but the school district is mostly children of immigrants who, contrary to what Fox News tells its audience, haven’t been treated well by the status quo. The students in LAUSD have been hit hardest by covid as most of the adults in their families are essential workers and can’t afford to miss work. If they’re undocumented, they’re reluctant to offer themselves up to get the vaccine so they stay hidden. Many of these children have lost parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents to covid. They have seen a lot of death and fallen behind in school because learning remotely from their homes isn’t the same as it is for kids in affluent neighborhoods.

In Florida, a judge ruled that Governor Death Sentence can’t keep school districts from making masks mandatory. That’s really going to piss his rabid supporters off but it will be a huge relief to the sane people who live in the state and want to go on living.

70% of Americans agree that kids should wear masks in school. That’s remarkable. Getting 70% to agree on anything is nearly impossible. They agree on this because DUH. Republicans and a small whacked out minority are holding the majority of the country hostage with their conspiracy theory, libertarian bullshit. Their brains need a good washing.

The deadline is today for people to comply with the Select Committee’s request for documents. They’ve received thousands of responses from social media companies, phone companies and the White House. The sedition caucus must be pooping in their liberty tailored pants.

Republicans are all for liberty but only for them in the form of guns, spreading disease, and freaky Republican Jesus.

Qevin McCarthy’s pants are the poopiest because he’s the “leader.” He is claiming, without backing his claim up with any law, that Select Committee’s communications request is illegal. If that were true, then the committee investigating Benghazi demanding Hillary Clinton’s emails for the Republican Witch Hunt Freak Show was illegal.

Hey Republicans! Your brain smells. You need to douche.

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