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Spike Dolomite
3 min readJun 16, 2022

Ginni Thomas is back in the headlines where she belongs. New emails between her and Trump’s lawyer, John Eastman (a former clerk of Justice Clarence Thomas, Ginni’s husband) reveal that Supreme Court justices had knowledge of Trump’s plan to hold on to power. Trump’s lawyers had tossed around ideas of cooking up preliminary threats in advance of the insurrection to intensify the fear and chaos. One of the emails spoke about the “odds” of SCOTUS taking action if there was trouble before the attack. The idea was to create a build up before hand because it would increase their chances of getting the high court involved. It would be “more favorable if the justices start to fear that there will be ‘wild’ chaos on January 6.” Eastman told Trump campaign officials about a heated fight between justices “not based on the legal merits” of the situation but on political will. Trump’s counsel had inside knowledge of SCOTUS debates and Ginni Thomas appears to have been the leaker.

The Select Committee released Capitol surveillance footage of Congressman Barry Loudermilk, who has been lying about his whereabouts on January 5, giving a tour of the interior of House Office Buildings the day before the attack. The group took pictures of hallways, staircases, security check points and tunnels, all stuff that typical tourists would have no interest in.

One of the guys on the tour was at the Capitol the next day and Facebook lived his actions during the attack, narrating his intent to harm members of Congress, showing a sharpened tip of a flag pole. He rode in on a Keep America Great bus. Who paid for that?

The tour group appears to be part of the 1776 Returns mission — a Proud Boy plan to overtake congressional office buildings to redirect law enforcement away from the Capitol during the attack.

Lauren Boebert tweeted “today is 1776” on the day of attack.

Loudermilk’s latest defense of why he was with a group of “constituents” inside the Capitol when it was closed to the public due to covid? It was perfectly OK for him to give tours because the gift shop was open.

I went to the insurrection and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

The Sedition Caucus held its own press conference in front of the Capitol and as always, the press showed up and treated them like they were legitimate and worthy of respect. They didn’t ask any hard questions and let them ramble. Marjorie Taylor Greene said of the insurrectionists who were in jail, “We went through ‘Justice for George Floyd’ … but we don’t see any justice for these people that went into the Capitol. None.” Troy Nehls said, “The DOJ continues to treat them like one would expect of a convicted terrorist.”

Steve Bannon went on a wild rant outside of the courthouse where he was trying to game out his July hearing but failed. He said MAGA was going to destroy the Democratic Party, win 100 House seats, get 50% of Black male votes, 55% of Hispanic votes, and then rule for 100 years.

The cover up in Uvalde is getting more diabolical and grotesque. The district attorney is making it impossible for anyone to obtain information about the delayed police response during the shooting at Robb Elementary School until after Governor Abbott’s reelection. The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton said the Uvalde shooting was God’s will.

After 2 ½ years, COVID finally got Dr Fauci. He’s fine because he took his own advice and has been triple vaxxed.

A South Florida synagogue is suing the state over abortion restrictions because the state’s involvement in making laws about abortion infringes on their religious beliefs and rights. Jews believe that life doesn’t begin until birth. They also believe that if a woman’s physical or mental health suffers from being pregnant she should get an abortion. The Jews have everybody’s backs because they’ve been the target of hate crimes and discrimination for thousands of years.

The lazy media keeps reporting on inflation and gas prices but is leaving out three important facts — we’ve just been through a worldwide pandemic, inflation is global, and there’s a war going on.

Journalists who never ask hard questions should be made to wear t-shirts that say, “Flake News” when they cover press conferences. Buy them at the re-gifter shop.



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