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Spike Dolomite
4 min readApr 22, 2021

The Dems are moving fast on racial justice — getting a ton of stuff done before the next mass shooting takes everybody’s attention away from cops killing black people.

Chuck Schumer brought the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to the Senate floor, a day after the verdict.

Civil rights attorney Vanita Gupta has been confirmed as associate attorney general. Senator Lisa Murkowski broke rank with the Republiqans and voted to confirm because her indigenous constituents put pressure on her to do so.

The House is passing legislation to make Washington DC a state today. With over 705,000 residents, it is larger than whitey white Wyoming (577,000) and whitey white Vermont (624,000.) They pay more in federal taxes than 21 states but have no voting representation in Congress. This is extreme taxation without representation. If admitted, DC would have the greatest percentage of Black Americans (45%) than any state in the union. Registered voters are 76.4% Democrat and 5.7% Republican. The repugs are losing their minds. They don’t want DC to be a state. No more Democrats in Congress, especially black ones!

New York has passed a bill that would automatically restore voting rights to people on parole. Nearly half of people on parole in New York are black. This is a historic moment.

Birmingham, Alabama is going to pardon anybody who has been busted for misdemeanor pot charges going back to 1990. BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA, the city with a black population of 70% with a racist history that shames the nation. 15,000 of these pardons are for black people who have been held back from finding jobs because they have arrest records FOR POT! Stuff that white people get a slap on the wrist for.

Stacey Abrams has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Senator John Kennedy thought he’d pull a fast one and grill Stacey Abrams on Georgia’s new voting rights law by asking her on record to list the specific things about the law that she believed to be racist. She was happy to. She kept going and going until he threw in the towel and said, “OK, I get the idea.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland reversed Trump’s order and reinstated the DOJ’s ability to review and investigate police departments and is investigating the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department now.

When a reporter asked press secretary Jen Psaki about the DOJ investigation into the George Floyd murder she said that President Biden “believes the bar for convicting officers is far too high. It needs to be changed.”

Over at Fox News, Maria Bartiromo asked “How can America be racist when we elected a black man president?” We? She didn’t vote for Obama so by her own logic she admitted she’s a racist which was lost on her viewers because they’re racist too.

Speaking of racist hosts at Fox News, somebody got a hold of Tucker Carlson’s college yearbook and posted a page from it where Tucker listed himself a member of the “Dan White Society.” Dan White was the former cop and firefighter who assassinated Supervisor Harvey Milk and the Mayor George Moscone at City Hall in San Francisco, leaving then Supervisor Dianne Feinstein, now US Senator, to break the news to the public. He got away with manslaughter and not murder by using the infamous “Twinkie defense.” He only went to jail for 5 years for murdering 2 people.

In non-related racist news, Joe Biden beat his goal of achieving 200 million vaccine shots by his 100th day in office by 8 days. He called upon employers to give employees time off with pay to fulfill their patriotic duty. After we get ourselves under control, he said the US will be helping other countries get vaccinated too because that’s how America should roll.

Democrats have introduced a bill to allow Americans who are 50–64 the option to buy into Medicare. Republicans want to eliminate Medicare altogether and have wanted to since it was first implemented. Their voters love it so they have been lying to them for a half a century convincing them that that’s not what they’re doing.

Washed up dirty big mouth pedophile gun nut Trump loving bat shit crazy rock star, Ted Nugent, who has called covid a “leftist scam,” who wanted to know why we didn’t shut down for covid 1–18, got covid and thought he was going to die. 2 weeks ago he played a gig at an anti-masker grocery store in Florida and undoubtedly spread it to the idiot shoppers there plus he recently flew on Rock Star One with Governor Kristi Noem who is as bat shit crazy as he is. For Christmas he gave her an autographed guitar in the shape of a rifle.

Bat catch fever.

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