The governor of Kentucky has warned people that anyone attending Easter Sunday services at a church after they’ve been ordered to stay at home so they can love their neighbors as themselves and not get anyone sick so they might not die a horrible, painful, lonely death will be forced to quarantine for 14 days after the cops drive through parking lots and write down license plate numbers of the sinners. Evangelicals are screaming this is religious persecution! The government is targeting Christians!

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Kentucky’s Libertarian senator Rand Paul is making a big deal out of government over reach in busting church goers for defying state orders and threatening the public’s health. That’s an egghead thing to say after he exposed countless people to the same virus by going to work at the capitol every day and working out in the Senate gym for a week while awaiting the results of his own coronavirus test which turned up positive. If Christians want to worship at church and swim in an exclusive private swimming pool after being exposed to a deadly, highly contagious disease, then by golly, they should be able to because this is AMERICA! Separation of church and state! (this time only, the rest of the time my god is your god and my god says Republicans speak for Jesus so you’re a demon sinner and I can do whatever I want.)

It’s Easter and people are slowly starting to figure out that the Republican Jesus isn’t any more real than the Easter Bunny. One by one people are saying, “Hey wait a minute. Why does my Easter basket have a Walmart price tag on it?” Trump Plague 2020 can throw the money changers out of the temples if real Christians would stop passively praying and start kicking some political ass. Christianity can make a comeback but only if the real Christians kick the Republican money changers who shop at Walmart out of the churches.

Ask Trump what Easter means to him and he’ll probably tell the story about the goose who laid the golden egg. Easter egg hunt for one. ME!

550 crew members from the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier have tested positive for the coronavirus after Captain Brett Crozier got fired for publicly cricizing his superiors for not letting his crew go when the virus was first spreading throughout his ship.

Congresswoman Katie Porter discovered an increase of 1,000% in exports of ventilators, gowns, and masks in January and February when Trump was lying to the public about the coronavirus already being in the country. Imports went down by 11%. Government contracts won’t arrive until September or October after we’re all dead. He’s making money off of this.

Governors are contemplating calling out the national guard to protect shipments of life saving equipment from being intercepted by the federal government in their states.

Trump proposed that they just let the virus “wash over” America in private conversations while publicly stating that they had everything under control. He was, and still is, willing to let hundreds of thousands of people die to keep HIS economy moving.

The Republican Governor of Texas wants people back at work now even though the virus hasn’t peaked yet in his state. He needs people to be out there working so millionaires and billionaires can money off of them.

33 year old Dr. Laura Mulvey became infected with the coronavirus on the job. She ended up being a patient in the very hospital she treated others in. She knows the horrors of being both a doctor and a patient with the coronavirus first hand and said, “The sort of emotional, psychological toll on health care workers will probably lead to people leaving medicine. This idea that — I can’t really adequately say it — that people are dispensable. The government thinks that we can go to work without proper PPE and put our lives at risk. That’s something you can’t really get over — this kind of callousness for human life.”

The US Postal Service is in trouble. It’s losing revenue due to the pandemic. Clerks are falling ill because of their daily exposure to the public. They are short staffed. Trump won’t bail them out — one of our oldest institutions could go under because Trump doesn’t want people voting by mail. Mail carriers are essential workers and are risking their health to make sure our medications, checks and bills make it to our front doorsteps and Trump is poised to fire them all for political advantage. He’s a monster.

“Have we really reached the point in this tragically absurd story where we have to tweet about the value of the US Postal Service to argue why Trump and his Congressional enablers shouldn’t let it collapse?” — Steven Beschloss

“In the world’s richest nation: Food lines stretching for miles. Mass graves. Homeless sleeping in parking lots on socially-distanced grids. Nurses without adequate protective gear. Essential workers without paid sick leave. Ventilator shortages. This is unacceptable.” — Robert Reich

It’s Easter and 2,000 people are going to die today, all alone. Some of them would have died anyway. Trump didn’t cause the coronavirus, but many will die because he lied to the country about what was really happening and he’s currently withholding life saving equipment and supplies out of pettiness, revenge, and pure hatred while tweeting Happy Easter.

Come on Christians. You don’t have to actually go to church today to throw him out.

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