The security threat at the Capitol right now is very high. Members had to walk through and step over troops who were napping on the floor inside the Capitol to get to the House floor for the debate on the article of impeachment this morning.

The FBI has opened 160 cases of sedition and conspiracy and says “that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” Many of them will go to jail for 20 years.

The Stop the Steal organizer, Ali Alexander, got help from 3 Republican members of Congress -Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs from Arizona, and Mo Brooks from Alabama.

Navy veteran and US congresswoman from New Jersey, Mikie Sherrill, says she saw members of Congress giving “reconnaissance” tours to unidentified people the day before the attack and believes they were part of the insurrection. She wants to see all of the congress members who gave tours face justice for their part in the attack.

All congress members have panic buttons in their offices inside the Capitol to summon the CH police. Ayanna Presley’s had been torn out of the wall. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is worried about being kidnapped and dying at the Capitol and does not feel safe around all members of Congress.

Congress members are purchasing bullet proof vests.

The Washington Monument is closed because of a terrorist threat.

If another country had attacked our capitol the way domestic white supremacists did a week ago, we would be at war and there would be daily press briefings.

Mike Pence sent Nancy Pelosi a letter saying no to the 25th amendment because it’s not supposed to be used as a punishment.

Gym Jordan is trying to frame impeachment as “cancel culture” — the Democrats want to cancel Trump because they don’t like him. Jamie Raskin answered that with the MAGA mob stormed the Capitol to cancel their lives.

Members of Congress and the Capitol Police and quite possibly the Secret Service were in on the attack.

There are people at the Capitol who believe deeply in the alternate reality that Trump, Fox, QAnon, Steve Bannon, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones have created. The banner on Sean Hannity’s show last night read, “FUELED BY NEVER-ENDING HATE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, DEMS WEAPONIZE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS ONCE AGAIN.”

Some cops will be working for the insurrection on Inauguration Day forcing other cops to wonder who in law enforcement is working with the enemy.

“The thin blue line has blue one side and blue on the other.” — Carol Leonnig

New House rules- members need to go through a metal detector and have their bags checked and if you refuse to wear a mask you will be fined. Some Republicans are pissed off about this and are refusing to comply (Louie Gohmert, Steve Stivers, Van Taylor, Lauren Boebert, Debbie Lesko, and Larry Bucshon.) Lauren Boebert threw a fit and got past the new security check point without getting checked.

Mitch McConnell has turned on Trump and supports impeachment. John Katko of New York was the first Republican to come out in favor of impeachment. Liz Cheney was second. Adam Kinzinger was third. Fred Upton was fourth. Jaime Herrera was fifth.

Devin Nunes is against impeachment because every president makes mistakes.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had to cancel his trip to Europe at the last minute because Luxembourg’s foreign minister and top European Union officials told him they don’t want to meet with him. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Asselborn said, “Mister Trump is a criminal, a political pyromaniac who should be sent to criminal court. He’s a person who was elected democratically but who isn’t interested in democracy in the slightest.”

5 members of the House now have Covid after being in lockdown with Republicans who are still refusing to wear masks.

New York City has announced that it will be breaking contracts with the Trump Organization. Trump won’t be able to build anymore in New York. Banks won’t give him any more money, New York won’t let him build, and the golf world doesn’t want to be associated with him anymore. He’s toast.

The GOP is splintering and falling apart before our very eyes. Some members of the party will be found guilty of sedition for trying to take over the government by attacking it and they’re still referring to Democrats as radical extremists.

More than 4,400 people died from Covid yesterday. Another record.

7 more days until America will be rid of Trump. Sooner if enough Republicans break down and vote to convict.

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