Government Gamble

Denver Riggleman is the latest opportunist to profit from insider information by writing a book about what he found out after being hired by the Select Committee to conduct digital forensic analysis on the communications between people who planned and carried out the insurrection. To sell a lot of books he did an interview with 60 Minutes 3 days before the Select Committee’s next scheduled public hearing. Riggleman and his team uncovered a trail of texts, emails and calls and organized them in a flow chart to show the progression of the planning. One of their many findings was the White House switchboard connected a call to a rioter who was inside the Capitol during the attack on January 6. Good to know, but that information was intended for the Select Committee’s use, not his book. He got paid twice for the same job.

The Select Committee’s hearing on Wednesday will be about the Secret Service’s role in the insurrection. 800,000 pages of information were turned over to the committee from the Department of Homeland Security. Turns out the Secret Service lied about missing texts. The committee has many of them now.

Doug Jensen, the rioter who was one of the first ones to enter the Capitol and came face to face with Officer Eugene Goodman while leading the mob to attack members of Congress was found guilty on all 7 counts. He’s going to jail. He’ll find out how long at his sentencing in December.

Over 850 idiots and militia weirdos have been arrested and more than 350 have been convicted for their part in the insurrection so far. The DOJ has a 100% conviction rate to date.

Kevin McCarthy has officially rolled out the GOP’s official platform, “Commitment to America.” He attributed a quote to Abraham Lincoln that was actually taken from an ad from a Lehman Brothers advertisement from 20 years ago. Lehman Brothers was a Wall Street investment firm that went bankrupt in 2008. The video he used to accompany the roll out was stock footage of Russia and Ukraine. The GOP talking points are: high prices at the grocery store and immigrants coming to get us.

Mystery solved on why Trump’s lawyers were spotted coming out of the federal court building last week. They were there to fight about executive privilege and January 6. Trump is trying to keep people from testifying.

Abortion update:

A few weeks ago, desperate senator who has never seen a vagina, Lindsey Graham, went full on nationwide abortion ban thinking it would help the GOP before the midterms but it backfired badly. He arbitrarily chose 15 weeks as the decisive cut off date thinking it would be a big hit with Republican voters. A closeted gay man with the power to make laws “picked” a date that he deems as sensible for something he knows nothing about. His fellow repugs were caught off guard by this. He went rogue so they’re running from him. What did he do this for? Is it because he’s trying to stir shit up to distract from what’s coming down with Fulton County? The DOJ? Whatever Trump has on him must be pretty bad for him to be this desperate.

Lindsey Graham has given the Dems the perfect gift for the November election — a nationwide ban on abortion.

Arizona has joined the other states that have outlawed abortion. A Civil War era law in Arizona has been re-upped by a judge to outlaw abortion in all cases except for when the life of the mother is at stake.

In Ohio, candidate for US Senate JD Vance suggested George Soros might charter planes to send Black women to California for abortions when asked about his views on abortion.

West Virginia passed a ban on abortion, making their state the second state to ban abortion at all stages of a pregnancy since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. West Virginia has the fourth highest poverty rate (behind Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Mexico). By forcing poor women to give birth to children they can not afford, they could end up beating Mississippi for being the poorest state.

Abortion will be illegal in half of the country and it could be illegal in all of it if Dems don’t win in November.

A Louisiana woman who was carrying a fetus that had no skull and would die as soon as it is born, was forced to travel 1,400 miles to New York City to get an abortion after her local hospital refused to do it because it’s against the law.

Formerly moderate Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has come out in support of a nationwide abortion ban proving how cut throat she is insofar as her own personal ambition. She is a leader in the GOP and has forsaken her own sex, even though she doesn’t really believe what she’s saying, to obtain more power for herself.

Nancy Mace, another ambitious Republican who is throwing women under the bus for political gain has been pushed out front by the GOP to deliver right wing misogynistic talking points such as “the public’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v Wade is extreme.” She says the “hysteria” over Roe v Wade is completely manufactured.

Justice Roberts thinks women are overreacting about Roe v Wade.

Today is the tenth day of nationwide protests in Iran in over 90 cities and towns. The people have had it with the oppressive regime and are out in the streets chanting death to their leader. They are being brutally attacked, arrested and killed by the police. It started over women’s rights. The government took power away from women 44 years ago and now it has taken power away from its people by cutting them off from the rest of the world by limiting access to the internet so it is not known just how many people have been tortured and killed by the government.

Don’t think that what’s happening to women in Iran couldn’t happen here. It’s already started. Women in Iran have had to hide in public and abortion is illegal (300,000–600,000 illegal abortions are performed every year), relegating them to second class citizens. By taking reproductive rights away from women in America, the government is doing the same thing.

Female Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee says she “stands with the women of Iran.”

But not for the women of America.



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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.