Gun Nuts, White Supremacists, and Vigilantes

Spike Dolomite
5 min readNov 11, 2021

The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is treating the defendant like a helpless child and has built him up to be the victim in his own murder trial. He’s been very hostile to the prosecution team and has made it very clear that this case “isn’t political.” It’s not about the second amendment, he said. This case is about self defense (Kyle Rittenhouse was the only one at the protest who felt “threatened.”) The judge is very sympathetic to the poor boy even though he was a teenager who went into a crowded public place outside of his own community, armed illegally with an assault rifle that he kept at a friend’s house, ready to “defend himself,” looking for trouble. The first guy he shot was a mentally ill man who had just been released from a mental hospital. He kept shooting. He fired his rifle 8 times, hitting 3 people. 2 died. He left the scene and then later turned himself in. There’s video of him punching somebody in the face and photos of him being revered by adult white supremacists. He’s no victim but he cried on the stand like Brett Kavanaugh so he’ll probably get off.

Brett Kavanaugh: I like beer.

Kyle Rittenhouse: I like killing people for kicks.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a gun nut, a white supremacist, and a vigilante hero. After he killed people in the street, Ann Coulter tweeted that she wanted Kyle as her president. Fox News is proud of the boy for standing up for what is RIGHT.

The Left calls him a terrorist and the right calls him a patriot. This case is important because if he walks, it will embolden the gun nuts, white supremacists and vigilantes and they’re already emboldened enough.

In other gun nut, white supremacist, vigilante news, Scott Fairlamb was just sentenced to 41 months in prison for trying to take over the government and punching a police officer in the face on January 6th, and blonde, white jet setter, insurrectionist, and now convict, Jenna Ryan has started an online fundraiser for herself. She can afford a to take a private jet to DC but she’d like for her right wing fans to just give her money. In other words, she’s asking for a hand out.

Ron DeSantis has announced his official candidacy for re-election for governor of Florida. He’s running as the Hannibal Lecter candidate — he’ll infect you with covid in the morning, eat you and wash you down with a bottle of Trump wine for lunch, and lie and say those aren’t your bones in the trash at the end of the day. Over 60,000 people have died of covid under his watch, but since Florida has been under reporting its cases and deaths, it’s way more, and it’s all his fault. He got rid of the qualified surgeon general and replaced him with a crack pot, anti-mask, anti-vax, quasi doctor who lied about his clinical experience dealing with covid. The guy isn’t even from Florida. DeSantis picked him out of the kooks who were part of America’s Frontline Doctors that promotes fake covid cures. He was able to practice medicine in Florida in 2 days. Miracle! DeSantis needs him to help him not explain all of the bones piling up in Florida so he can win re-election. Hundreds of doctors in Florida wrote state legislators to warn them about him. Joseph Ladapo is a right wing, unethical, QAnon weirdo who is dangerous. He refused to wear a mask in a state senator’s office who is undergoing breast cancer treatment and is thus immune compromised. He’s not a real doctor.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out the phone numbers of the 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill and now they’re getting death threats. Republicans in the House are calling for the 13 members to lose their committee assignments. The GOP is eating its own over principle and service. If you do the right thing there will be hell to pay.

Paul Gosar’s sister went on CNN and said something has got to be done about her brother, the far right member of Congress whose latest stunt was threatening to kill another member of Congress on social media. She called him a sociopath. His family knows how dangerous their brother is and tried to warn voters by campaigning against him. Democrats are organizing to get him censured. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy hasn’t said a word. A cop in Louisiana was fired for posting that AOC should be shot on social media. Gosar should be fired too.

Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn is selling “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise on his website.

With Trump, the gun nuts, white supremacists, and vigilantes felt empowered to come out of hiding. They found each other, were at long last part of a community and had a leader. Finally! They’re the cool kids! The GOP seized the opportunity and invited all of them to come sit at their table. Together, they all hitched their wagon to a reality TV star demagogue and now that he is gone, the GOP is wondering what to do with their table. They really don’t want those freaks sitting at their table but they need their votes and they’ll need them to defend the Capitol and White House when they seize control of them. They don’t have a leader right now, so bombs are detonating randomly a landmine. Some of them are getting blown up just for kicks, without a plan. We’ve got all these guns, let’s shoot them! Gun nuts, white supremacists, and vigilantes are out of control and they’re getting more and more dangerous without a leader or accountability.

Like with Saddam Hessein, terrorism got worse when he was gone.

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