Merrick Garland has been sworn in and the covid relief bill has been signed. Take a deep breath, America. Help is here.

A year ago, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. America got hit in the face twice with this awful news — the realization that we were going to have to face the scariest time of our lives, together as a nation, made even scarier by having a lying sadistic opportunist for a president. We have been living in fear, isolation, and grief for an entire year.

Last night President Biden gave his first prime time address to the nation. It was somber but hopeful. He asked for everyone’s patience and cooperation in wearing masks, getting vaccinated and trusting the government (what’s scarier, the coronavirus or trusting the government after 4 years of Trump?) He has set a goal for July 4 as being the day of independence from the virus where we can all hang out with our families in the backyard and celebrate the 4th of July like the good old days while celebrating the end of the Trump Plague at the same time. Hot dogs and watermelon for everyone! Wash your hands.

It’s been a year since grandkids have seen their grandparents. Will the really little ones even remember them?

Remember last year when Republicans said that old people should be prepared to die for the sake of the economy?

All but one former president is encouraging people to get vaccinated in a new PSA — Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. No Trump. True to his character — he got his so to hell with everybody else.

The US is now averaging 1,482 deaths per day from coronavirus, the lowest daily death toll since the surge from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In January, the deadliest month of all, the daily death toll was over 4,000.

The US death rate increased by 15% last year because of the coronavirus, making it the deadliest year in US history, thanks to Donald J. Trump. 1 in 5 people have lost someone they loved this year.

Covid patients weren’t the only ones who died alone. People who died from other causes in the hospital had to die alone because of covid.

We’ve been through a living hell.

Joe Biden telling us the truth last night and giving us hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel was the shot in the arm we needed, besides the covid vaccine of course. Joe Biden has what it takes to lead us out of the tunnel.

“This is the first Presidential address in four years that is ok for kids to watch.” — Scott Dworkin

Republicans wasted no time criticizing him for doing his job and being the right person for this moment.

Mitch McConnell said the economy was poised to come roaring back without any government help and Biden just caught the wave. Haven’t the Republicans been going along with Trump’s claim that the economy was doing better than ever? How could it be roaring back if it was doing so well?

Marco Rubio tweeted: We could have had a $1400 checks & increased the child tax credit without sending stimulus checks to prisoners & illegal immigrants, spend $86 billion on an unrelated pension bailout & use your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood & abortions.

Laura Ingraham told her viewers that Joe Biden has put the country on lock down until July 4. Diamond and Silk don’t even believe that Joe Biden is in the White House.

Sean Hannity yammered on and on about Biden having dementia.

Meghan McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, co-founder and publisher of the ultra-conservative The Federalist, went on Fox and said, “A garbage speech given by a senile man who isn’t running anything.”

Republicans are running their mouths. They’ve got nothing. Nothing. They’re deflating, gasping for air, helpless. What would Republican Jesus do? Let them suffocate and die.

“Help!” cried the Republicans.

“Nope,” replied Karma, catching her breath.

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