Here We Are

Spike Dolomite
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Alexander Smirnov, the MAGA Republicans’ #1 witness for their impeachment scheme, is turning out to be a real problem for them. Not only did he just get busted for lying to the FBI, but he was and still is part of a Russian intelligence plot to smear Biden and help Trump win the election. He is working with the Russians. This news blows up their impeachment plan and now they look like even bigger fools but they’re still out there holding their heads high and talking to reporters, trying to sound convincing. They’re not convincing anybody of anything. Either they’re so stupid that they unwittingly volunteered to be part of Putin’s plan to put Trump back in power, or they’re working for Putin and are doing everything he tells them to do. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Republicans are being exposed for being traitors to the United States and they’re still out there talking to the media with their heads held high.

There is no bottom for Trump or the Republicans. They hold their heads high and smile as they trip over the evidence of their crimes.

After he was arrested, Alexander Smirnov told the feds that “officials associated with Russian intelligence” were involved in passing the story about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden getting $5 million from Burisma. The Russians were behind the Burisma/Biden story in 2020.

Alexander Smirnov is a flight risk — he has dual citizenship with Israel.

Putin invaded Ukraine 2 years ago to take down democracy in the western world and is using Republicans in Congress to take down the US government from within.

Russia messed with our election in 2016, 2020, and they’re doing it again. They don’t want Biden to win because support for Ukraine will continue and NATO will remain strong.

The Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed 2 years ago that a binder containing highly classified information related to Russian election interference had gone missing in the final days of the Trump administration. The binder contained highly classified raw intelligence.

Fox did a bogus town hall for Trump with Laura Ingraham. It was more of a free campaign event. He held his head high and lied about everything. “It’s all coming out of the White House. This is election interference.”

The mainstream media is covering Trump as if he was a normal candidate. They should be covering him as a convicted conman and rapist facing 4 criminal trials, one of which is inciting an insurrection, who is running for president. They should give up talking about Biden’s age and low approval rating. It’s getting old (pun intended). The media covered Trump as a normal candidate when he ran against Hilary and treated her has if she was on trial. What is up with the media? Why are they doing this?

“America is now a country where a corrupt President can rob the nation blind, try to overthrow the government, run for office again years later as he shows every indication of dementia, encourage a ruthless dictator to attack our allies — and tens of millions will still vote for him.” — Dr. David A. Lustig

Trump’s former Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, said that he believes Trump is a threat to our democracy and is unfit for office. He was appointed by Trump.

24% of Americans are white evangelicals and 68% of them are MAGA. He promised them power when he ran in 2016 and he gave it to them. The fringe overtook the mainstream. Everything that they believe to be true has been proven to be false. There are two distinctly different realities going on and Trump/Putin is in control of one of them.

Democratic Congressman Dan Goldman exposed House Republicans on CNN. “Wittingly or unwittingly, House Republicans have been acting as an agent or asset of Russian intelligence for Vladimir Putin.” Democrats know it. Smart people know it. MAGAs don’t know it.

We got to this point because Senate Republicans wouldn’t convict Trump after he was impeached the first time. This is on them. They shouldn’t be holding their heads high. Mitch McConnell blew off his responsibility and passed it off to the courts to decide. Now here we are.



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