He’s Not Worth It

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 12, 2019

Nancy Pelosi said that she is not in favor of impeachment because it would divide the country. Besides…..he’s not worth it. She won’t consider impeachment “Unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan……” Well played, Madame Speaker. Take that impeachment talking point right out of their over fed Republican mouths and find every chance you can to say he’s not worth it.

Creepy pharmaceutical fun fact: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is in the hot seat again for being a dick. Most people don’t need to watch all of the old video clips that have surfaced over the past couple of days to know what a heartless, cocky, white supremacist, sexist jerk he is. He’s not worth it. The only major sponsor on his show last night was Bayer (My Pillow doesn’t count as a major sponsor but My Pillow could soon be the only sponsor.) So besides having a history of doing experiments on prisoners and killing Jews at Auschwitz concentration camp, Bayer supports Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Bayer denies working with the Nazis to torture and kill people because during WWII because Bayer wasn’t Bayer yet. It had yet to be created out of the pharmaceutical conglomerate IG Farben which donated to Hitler’s campaign. They were also stock holders in the company that made the gas for the gas chambers. IG Farben had its own concentration camp, too. They bought prisoners from Auschwitz. When they all died, they’d buy some more. The Nuremberg War trials tried 24 IG Farben board members and executives with mass murder and slavery. 10 were acquitted and released. The rest did a little time in jail and then went straight back to work in the German pharmaceutical industry after they were released.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a rare public appearance in the White House press room and said that the real shame was Democrats ripping babies from wombs and not condemning Ilhan Omar when John Acosta asked her if all of the rhetoric was beneath them. Oh and the president has been repeatedly clear — he condemns hatred. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so not worth it but what’s a White House correspondent to do? It’s their job.

Trump said he never said Tim Apple. He said Tim Cook Apple. No he didn’t but it’s a thing now. It’s really bugging Trump that that has become a thing so of course he’s got to make it more of a thing. Fox News is saying he did too say Tim Cook so perhaps Trump will calm down. Tim Apple isn’t worth it.

The former governor of Maine, Republican Paul LePage, said that the Democratic Party’s money comes from Jewish donors for the most part. Does he mean that the Democratic Party isn’t worth it or Jewish donors aren’t worth it?

“Historically speaking, it’s always a good sign for Jews when people are non-stop talking about us” — Michael Ian Black

Scary Republican fun fact: Big Mouth Fox Dragon Lady Jeanine Pirro used to be a judge. She has sent lots of people to jail. Seeing how she hates everybody who isn’t white, Republican and Christian, one has to wonder how many people she sent to jail because they weren’t white, Republican and Christian. Speaking of jail, her husband, Albert, was found guilty of 23 out of 33 charges in 2000 (1 count of conspiracy, 4 counts of tax evasion, and 28 counts of filing a false tax return.) He was sentenced to 29 months in a minimum security facility for rich white men.

Trump has made 21 trips to Mar-a-Lago which has cost us well over $60 million and made him nearly $400,000. He’s not worth it. He’s not worth it. He’s not worth it.

A federal court has moved to unseal documents in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case and 14 Democratic members of Congress have asked the US attorney general to reopen the criminal investigation because all of his victims are worth it.

3 years ago, a migrant woman in ICE custody went into premature labor while being detained. Her baby died. ICE said, “A stillbirth is not considered an in-custody death.” Brown babies aren’t worth it. She’s still in ICE custody. ICE has got 50,000 people locked up right now. That’s a record.

Today’s Republican party is the most corrupt political organization in US history. Trump is just a manifestation of everything Newt Gingrich started. They have to be stopped.

America is worth it.

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