Hind Sight is 2020

Spike Dolomite
5 min readJan 1, 2021

2020 is officially over. Here is what we went through together (even the MAGAs but since they’re in a cult they don’t believe any of this happened and even if it did it was all the libtards’ and Nancy Pelosi’s fault):

The year opened with Trump assassinating top Iranian military commander Qassem Suleimani and nearly starting WWIII. Rudy’s stooge Lev Parnas turned on him and Trump and talked to the feds and the media about their numbskull diabolical plan to bribe Ukraine. After the House impeached Trump, the Senate conducted a sham trial but didn’t call any witnesses and then voted to acquit a murderous dictator (this should be the Republican senators’ legacy.) Trump delivered the state of the union address even though he had just been impeached. Nancy Pelosi threw shade literally right behind him by tearing up his speech on camera as he unwittingly stood there like Emperor Caligula triumphant taking in the applause by the Republicans. Attorney general Bill Barr gave Trump power over the judicial branch, making him in control of all 3 branches of government which is never supposed to happen. Roger Stone went to prison but Bill Barr got him out and then Trump pardoned him. The coronavirus, which started in China and then spread across the world, hit the US hardest because Trump. He lied about it and knowingly let it spread and kill people. He continued to lie about it as hospitals became overwhelmed, under staffed and under protected. Trump wouldn’t release the equipment doctors and nurses needed to protect themselves forcinng them to wear trash bags and re-use masks or make their own. Dead bodies piled up. Morgues couldn’t handle the overflow so refrigerator trucks had to be called in. Trump did daily press briefings in the White House to keep control of the media and deny what was really happening. There was no federal plan and states didn’t have enough ventilators which caused people to die. Trump blamed the virus on China and the mismanagement of the pandemic on the states, particularly the democratic states, and punished them by withholding life saving resources. He set MAGAs up to protest the virus, calling it a Democratic hoax, which made the virus worse after they refused to comply with social distancing, mask mandates or staying home to protect others. He had everybody in his administration lie too, even the Center of Disease Control which was once the most trusted health institution in the world. People started getting violent. Trump committed quid pro quos with governors of blue states and offered federal aid in exchange for changes in policies. Congress passed a stimulus bill to help people pay their bills and keep small businesses from going under but giant corporations and rich people got the biggest chunk of it. They fixed it so the public couldn’t find out who got what. Record numbers of workers lost their jobs. The Republicans prioritized the economy over people’s lives. Republican governors kept schools and businesses open which caused the infections rates and deaths to escalate. Republicans politicized the pandemic which made it spread even more as MAGAs proudly refused to wear masks to prove their loyalty to Trump. George Floyd was murdered by the cops on camera which sparked daily Black Lives Matter protests in every state across the nation. Trump put barriers and fencing around the White House and hid out in the basement bunker because he was afraid of the protesters outside. Then he and Bill Barr had the cops and the militarized secret state police gas and shoot protesters so he could walk across the street to get a picture of himself in front of a church holding the Bible upside down. Putin put a bounty on our troops’ heads and hacked into government computer systems and Trump never said a word. Trump held maskless MAGA rallies in spite of stay at home orders which got people sick. The White House became a hot spot for the spread of the virus because Trump wouldn’t let people wear masks. Meetings and events went on as usual which rendered the executive branch impotent and caused a national security crisis because so many staffers and reporters got sick. Eventually Trump succumbed to the Trump Plague and had to be hospitalized. He didn’t die so he turned that into the virus not being that big of a deal while portraying himself as a super hero at the same time because it didn’t kill him. Ruth Bader Ginsberg died and the Republicans rushed to fill her seat with an ultra uber conservative justice, Amy Coney Barrett, a week before the election, which infuriated Democrats because Mitch McConnell wouldn’t let Barack Obama fill Justice Scalia’s seat the last year of his first term because it was too close to the election. Trump pardoned a bunch of co-conspirators and loyalists including Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone. Trump is under various investigations, both state and federal. He lost the presidential election badly but did irreparable damage to our democracy by claiming that the election had been rigged in Joe Biden’s favor. He refused to concede and then the Republicans tried to overthrow the election. The country is in chaos. A vaccine for the coronavirus was made available but the Trump administration screwed up the roll out of it as badly as it did PPE. The year ended as the most deadly year in American history with the coronavirus being the number one cause of death.

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