The World Health Organization has given the coronavirus the highest alert status possible. In the last 36 hours 83,000 cases have been reported in 50 countries. 36,000 have recovered. Over 2,800 people have died.

International airports are freezing hiring, cutting flights, and sending workers home.

Lebanon has closed its schools. Switzerland is cancelling all events with more than 1000 people. Tokyo closed Disney parks for 2 weeks. Iran closed parliament.

An Iranian member of parliament has died from the virus.

While all other governments around the world are doing what they need to do to keep the virus from spreading, Trump and his gang are calling the coronavirus a Democratic hoax designed to hurt his chances of re-election.

11 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in San Antonio, 3 in Santa Clara County California, 1 in northwestern Oregon (the patient works for the school district) and 2 in Washington state.

The progression of the spread has moved from containment to mitigation.

2 more passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died. They are the fifth and sixth passengers to die from the virus who were on that ship.

While all other world leaders have made the global health crisis their number one priority, our president and vice president have been preoccupied with winning the next election. Trump did a MAGA rally and Pence attended a fundraiser yesterday.

Trump told the MAGA groupies at his rally in South Carolina that the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. It’s “their new hoax,” he told them. The crowd cheered. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was there clapping for Trump to the tune of Macho Man and then addressed the crowd by saying, “Thank you more than anything else for putting up with the never ending bullshit you have to go through!” The crowd cheered and he and Trump held hands. Lindsey has sunk so low that he’s clapping for Trump and tapping to Macho Man while saying bullshit at the podium, on camera. After this is all over (assuming he doesn’t contract the hoax virus and expire) he’ll say he never held hands with Trump in public. He’s a kook!

Trump may not care about the Hoax Virus but he did say he would end AIDS, put the first woman on the moon and plant the US flag on Mars.

He’s a kook.

He brought up the wall at his rally because that’s always a real crowd pleaser. He said border security was health security (who’s politicizing the coronavirus now?) and would do everything possible to keep people from carrying “the infection” from entering the country. Blame the brown skinned immigrants and give the crowd what it wants.

Trump told the crowd that Mexico is paying for the wall but that the media is refusing to report it.

38% of people say they won’t buy Corona beer because they’re afraid of getting the virus. That percentage is same amount of people who still support Trump. They’re too stupid to live so they’ll probably get the coronavirus at a rally and well, the end.

When reporters asked Trump earlier in the day about what was being done to combat the coronavirus his response was, “We’re ordering a lot of supplies. We’re ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn’t be ordering unless it was something like this. But we’re ordering a lot of different elements of medical. A lot of people are getting better. The fifteen number… the fifteen people likewise we have them down to a much lower number. One of the people is I wouldn’t say not doing well.”

He’s a kook.

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney attended the far right wing kook CPAC gathering so he could blame the media for spreading the coronavirus. It’s a Democratic hoax. He recommends that Americans turn off their TV for 24 hours.

Turning off your TV for 24 hours during a global health crisis is the last thing anybody should do.

The Trump administration is bashing the media for covering a global health crisis. The government’s response to the crisis is more dangerous than the virus itself.

The US Surgeon General put out a tweet telling people not to buy masks. People are like, “Wait, what? We have a surgeon general?”

The public doesn’t want to hear from Trump or White House politicians or his appointees about the virus. They want to hear from doctors and scientists.

Anthony Fauci, the highly respected expert on infectious diseases who has served in both Democratic and Republican administrations, won’t be going on any of the Sunday morning news shows to brief the public on the facts about the virus because Trump won’t let him. If he does, MAGAs will find out that he is a kook.

And a hoax.

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