Hunting Witches

The man baby conman grifter dickhead loser lying sack of bacon grease hoser is posing in London right now as a big important president that the world reveres. It doesn’t. NATO world leaders can’t stand him. Even British PM Boris Johnson. He’s got enough problems of his own to be seen in public with that collywobble gobby.

He’s slurring and stammering and wandering about with his chest puffed out, convinced that if he sounds convincing that everybody will be convinced that he knows what he’s talking about. Everybody knows he’s full of shit and can’t want for him to go away.

Americans may be embarrassed that Trump is doing what he does at home in London, but it’s not like the Europeans haven’t been through this bloody shite too. Germany had Hitler, Italy had Mussolini. France had traitors when Hitler took Paris. The UK has had some really whacked out weirdo maniacal kings.

It’s America’s turn. The world’s rebellious teenager is self destructing. Time for America to grow up and realize it’s not the center of the universe after all and that if it doesn’t get its shit together it can take the whole world down with it. This is what happens when you throw money at lazy, arrogant teenagers then bail them out of any troubles of their own making and never hold them accountable for their own terrible actions. You get an out of control, dangerous, spoiled brat wreaking havoc wherever he goes, even while sitting on the toilet, tweeting and thinking he’s the center of the universe.

Surprise! After all of Trump’s bitching about not getting due process during the impeachment inquiry he has declined the House Judiciary Committee’s invitation to testify. His lawyers aren’t going to go either. Back to it’s a witch hunt.

Lisa Page, the woman who worked for the FBI whose life was ruined by Trump and the Republicans singling her out and slandering her as an agent for the deep state 2 years ago, has had enough of Trump’s shit. After he imitated her having an orgasm on stage at a MAGA rally, she decided to break her silence and let that big fat son of a bitch have it. He ruined her career. She wants her life back.

The inspector general’s report is coming out soon and it will exonerate Lisa Page but Bill Barr is going to intercept it. He flat out lied to the public about the Mueller report and it worked. People didn’t read it and then went ahead and believed him. Now he’s poised to dispute the findings of his own DOJ Inspector General to protect Trump. If Lisa Page gets hurt in the process, so what.

Bill Barr should be called to testify.

Kooky deep state weirdo Republican Congressman Doug Collins from Georgia wants Adam Schiff to testify because the deep state is not deep enough.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy is as much of a down to earth, simple good ol’ boy as Trump is a blue collar worker. He’ll go on any news show and drop phrases and sound bites that he knows will stick with dummies who vote — MAGAs who have no idea where Ukraine is and don’t care. Republicans would call him an elitist snob for the many degrees he has if he were a Democrat so he has to pretend to be redneck dumb to keep Louisiana voters where he wants them. He even combs his hair to look like Abner. He has been told by 17 intelligence agencies that what he keeps saying on TV in order to protect Trump and Russia is wrong but he keeps going on TV to protect Trump and Russia. Why? He went to Moscow on the 4th of July last year. Why? He’s going again next week. Why?

The 2 Republicans in Congress that got busted for breaking the law but were re-elected anyway are both going to plead guilty today. Congressman Duncan Hunter of Southern California is going to admit to ripping off his campaign and entertaining 5 different mistresses with his campaign credit card. He’ll resign after that. Congressman Chris Collins of New York is going to plead guilty to felony charges related to insider trading that he ordered on his cell phone while attending a picnic on the White House lawn. Like Trump, he said the whole thing was a witch hunt.

Must be the season of the witch.

The House Judiciary Committee is holding its first open impeachment hearing tomorrow. They will be calling scholars and constitutional law experts to explain impeachment and treason so the public will have a better understanding of what will happen.

Pеспубликанец witch trials.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.