And you can tell Rolling Stone that my last words were, “I’m on drugs!”

Trump is claiming victory in Syria now because of his “unconventional, tough love approach.” He called Erdogan a friend of his and congratulated himself and everybody who helped because nobody has ever been able to do anything like this before. “We got everything we ever dreamed of. I want to thank the Kurds. They’re very happy with the solution…….The Kurds are very happy, Turkey is very happy, the US is very happy, and you know what? Civilization is very happy. It’s a great thing for civilization.”

Mike Pence calls it a cease fire. Erdogan says it most certainly is not. The Kurds have been given 5 days to run. Where? Not our problem. What if somebody shoots at us while we’re running? Again, not our problem. We already ran.

And the winners are: Russia, Syria, Iran, and ISIS.

Trump made light of the whole situation last night at his MAGA rally in Dallas. He told the crowd, “I said, you’re going to have to let them fight for a little while, like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, then you pull them apart.” 71 civilians have been killed because of Trump and some of them were kids.

That’s not the worst of it. Trump endorsed ethnic cleansing by saying that the Turks need to do something about the Kurds living on their borer — “They had to have it cleaned out.”

Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of withdrawing troops from Syria because of a stupid campaign promise to “send our troops home” only to send new troops to Saudi Arabia. She asked him, “Is Saudi Arabia home? Why are our troops going to Saudi Arabia?” Trump said, “Well the Saudi Arabians are paying for it.”

Trump says that General Jim Mattis is “the world’s most overrated general. You know why? He wasn’t tough enough. I captured ISIS. Mattis said it would take 2 yrs. I captured them in 1 month.” Mattis responded by yucking it up at the Al Smith Dinner and roasting Trump for laughs. It’s not funny. He quit, wrote a book and now he’s going for the jokes. He cut out on us and did nothing to stop Trump from destroying our government and country. Trump is right about one thing, Jim Mattis is an overrated general.

The man who wears many MAGA hats, Mick Mulvaney, invited the press to the White House for a chapping. He chastised them for asking questions about Ukraine. “There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy. We do it all the time. Get over it!” Say what? Did he just confess to a quid pro quo ON CAMERA? Yes. Yes he did. Because he’s that dumb. They all are. Oh and Trump is going to host the G7 at his failing club with bedbugs in Miami. Climate change will not be on the agenda so get over it.

Rick Perry is resigning.

Republican Mark Sanford kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia in front of Independence Hall where the Constitution was signed and Ben Franklin told people that they had just created, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” Only one person showed up. Mark is the former family values South Carolina governor famous for disappearing for 6 days in 2009 to have a fling with a woman who was not his wife in Argentina. His staff told everybody he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail.” After his infamous hike he was censured by his own legislature, slapped with dozens of ethics violations, and then dumped by both his wife and his hiking partner.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Former governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, is calling the Democrats hypocrites because they praised Nancy for sticking her finger in Trump’s face but when she did it to Obama they called her a racist. Um, Obama wasn’t Dr Evil and Jan Brewer didn’t have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She was just pissed off at the first black president and put him in his place.

Trump is tweeting about Louis Vuitton handbags right now.

It’s getting worse. He’s having a mental breakdown and everybody is letting him do whatever he wants. If he were anybody else, he’d be committed by now but apparently presidents can’t be committed any more than they can be indicted. Even so, his family would have to sign off on it and they don’t love him.

“As the Nation watches its president melt down, unleash genocide, betray our allies, and disastrously injure our country, his clearly impeachable abuses of power — shaking down Ukraine, obstructing Congress, and obstructing justice — take on a new and more urgent complexion.” — Laurence Tribe

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