The fourth day of demonstrations protesting cops killing another unarmed black man took place in at least 22 states last night.

In Portland, the police headquarters was stormed and looted.

In New York, cops sped through a crowd in Brooklyn and opened a door to hit a protester. A NYPD officer in the street called a female protester a “stupid fucking bitch” and threw her to the ground and into the gutter so hard that it knocked her right out of her shoe and gave her a concussion.

In Kentucky, cops fired pepper bullets at a news crew while they were filming. A group of white people formed a line and held hands to form a shield between their black friends and neighbors and the police.

In Georgia, protesters destroyed some of the exterior and interior of the CNN building in Atlanta, chanting “Fuck CNN!” They destroyed cop cars. A SWAT team showed up. Rapper Killer Mike, son of an Atlanta police officer, gave an emotional killer speech during a press conference asking protesters to stop vandalizing their city. “I’m mad as hell. I woke up wanting to see the world burn yesterday, because I’m tired of seeing black men die. He casually put his knee on a human being’s neck for nine minutes as he died like a zebra in the clutch of a lion’s jaw…..So that’s why children are burning it to the ground. They don’t know what else to do. And it is the responsibility of us to make this better right now. We don’t want to see one officer charged, we want to see four officers prosecuted and sentenced. We don’t want to see targets burning, we want to see the system that sets up for systemic racism burnt to the ground.”

In Chicago, the mayor was so pissed that she called Trump out by name and blamed him for the riots. “He wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base. His goal is to polarize, to destabilize local government and inflame racist urges. We can absolutely not let him prevail. And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.” The governor of Illinois is right there with her. “From the very moment that I announced my decision to run for governor three-plus years ago, I said that this president was a racist, misogynist, homophobe, a xenophobe, and I was right then and I’m right now. His tweets, his reaction, his failure to address the racism that exists in America, his stoking of the flames in sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, ways is completely unacceptable. It’s reprehensible, in fact.”

In the Minneapolis and St Paul region, a mandatory curfew was announced and then 10 minutes before curfew the cops shot tear gas into the crowd and then backed off.

In Washington DC, protesters ripped away the barricades that surround the building, putting the White House on lockdown. Somebody climbed up on a building nearby and spray painted, “FUCK TRUMP” on the side. A group of them chased Fox News off, chanting “Fuck Fox News!”

Trump was so scared he didn’t tweet all night.

Fox’s coverage of the protests went like this: “Scary, wild, dangerous black people are going nuts and destroying their own communities and blaming white people! When will it end? Where will they riot next? The suburbs?”

The Third Lady is calling for peace which just makes everything WEIRDER.

We’re reliving 1968 except for one thing — there are a lot more people in the streets who aren’t black.

“That’s not a chip on my shoulder. That’s your foot on my neck.” — Malcolm X

In other news — one of the Lake of the Ozarks partiers has the coronavirus, wild monkeys in India stole coronavirus blood samples and are on the loose, Trump held a 10 minute press conference where he bitched about China and announced that he is terminating his relationship with the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic.

“With Minneapolis ablaze overnight, demonstrators demanding justice, and tensions rising across the country, the president refused to address the developing situation and ducked questions. As his aides often say, his tweets speak for themselves.” — Philip Rucker

“It gets harder to see how all the horrors of Trump unleashed aren’t collapsing into each other. The racism, the hatred, the incompetence, the aggressive rejection of governance, the sadistic pleasure with violence. The pandemic, the economy, the police killings, the growing rage.” — Steven Beschloss

Trump tweeted this morning that the protesters at the White House didn’t care about George Floyd, they were professionally organized and just there to cause trouble and if anybody dares try to hop the fence the Secret Service will sick dogs on them and shoot them with the “ominous weapons.” He called upon his MAGA groupies to show up tonight for a different kind of protest, just for him.

MAGAs were in the street last night, just for him.

The mayor of St. Paul said that every person arrested last night was from out of state.

A group of young white children in riot gear with guns was deployed in Atlanta. By who?

White people in blackface were filmed smashing in storefront windows.

More will be revealed about who really busted in all those windows and set those fires.

1968 is back in for the kill.

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