In Service to the State

Women who accidentally get pregnant or raped from here on out won’t be able to get an abortion in half of the states next month. That’s an awful lot of unwanted children, stifled careers, and termination of college goals. What the Supreme Court has done with the leak of Alito’s opinion is give red states the time they need to get their anti-abortion laws ready to go into effect the minute their ruling is announced next month, making the Supreme Court a radical religious body in service to the state and no longer a branch of government.

What moms have shouldered over the past 2 years with the pandemic, having to worry about the safety of their families without letting their fear and worry show, on top of having to quit their jobs to homeschool their children, made worse when the repugs not only voted to let them go it alone by not extending child tax relief or offering free childcare, and now they’re going to make their lives a living hell by making it illegal for any of them who accidentally find themselves pregnant to get an abortion thereby forcing them to add to their burden in service to the state.

Protesters took to the streets in New York, chanting, “My body my choice” as guys from America First Groyper heckled them as they walked by. One of them yelled, “Not your body not your choice! Your body is mine and you’re having my baby!”

In Utah, white men stood up on a balcony and just laughed at the women protesting below. Utah is one of the 13 states that have trigger laws ready to go to outlaw abortion as soon as the Catholic Court announces its decision.

People protested outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s fully paid for house (it’s still not known who paid off all of his debts, including his mortgage before his confirmation but it looks like they’re getting their money’s worth.) As an unelected official with a lifetime appointment who is not bound by any code of ethics and negates the right of privacy for women he must then negate his own right to privacy. Republicans are calling the peaceful protesters a mob. None of them said anything when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had to move and stay in hiding because she and her family got death threats because she testified that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her in high school.

Protesters showed up at Chief Justice Robert’s house too. He has lost control of the court. A source for the Washington Post said he sought to write a moderate opinion upholding the 15 week abortion ban, but the ultra-conservative wing on the bench told him they had the votes to overturn Roe. It’s looking more and more like the leak wasn’t made by a patriot who wanted to alert the public, but by one of the radical Catholic justices to take control and get out ahead of the final opinion.

In the leaked opinion by Justice Alito, he invoked Matthew Hale, the 17th century jurist who believed in witches and put them to death.

Overturning Roe has nothing to do with babies (only the pro-lifers blowing up clinics and killing doctors really believe that.) It is all about preserving the white supremacist patriarchy. Republicans have us right where they want us — trapped and powerless.

Justice Clarence Thomas says pro-choice women better get over it and learn to “live with outcomes they don’t agree with.” His wife Ginni couldn’t live with outcomes she disagreed with so she helped try and overturn the election.

Both justices Amy Coney Barrett and Samuel Alito said that America needs a “domestic supply of infants” to meet the needs of parents who are seeking to adopt. Those who would otherwise abort must be forced to carry to term to meet the demand for Americans in the market to purchase children they can’t or don’t want to bear themselves. The phrase “Domestic Supply of Infants” comes from a CDC document that analyzes data, but Coney Barrett and Alito use it differently. They said the white supremacist truth out loud — they want to create a regime where women are forced to carry babies to term to grow the patriarchy and replenish its numbers. They’re outnumbered and that can’t stand. This is their country.

Would the Catholic Court and the Federalist Society want to adopt a brown anchor baby that the government had taken away from an undocumented mother? Would they adopt a Black baby? Would they adopt a drug addicted white baby? How about a severely handicapped baby? What if babies could be tested for the gay gene and found to be gay? Would they adopt any of them? Would they adopt older kids stuck in the foster care system or just babies? Just babies. They’re not adopting older kids stuck in foster care now.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday (aka Domestic Infant Supplier Day.) Hillary Clinton wrote:

“To celebrate mothers, we should make sure mothers and their children have health care. To celebrate mothers, we should offer paid parental leave and paid sick leave. To celebrate mothers, we should make quality childcare affordable for everyone. To celebrate mothers, we should ensure no mother has to watch her children grow up in poverty in the richest nation on the earth. To celebrate mothers, we should make sure no one is forced to become one against her will.”

A mom in Los Angeles shot and killed her 3 children, ages 8–12 on Mother’s Day. That’s murder. Did she snap under pressure? Was she depressed and acted out of impulse because there was a loaded gun in the house? Did the stress of the past two years finally overhwelm her on Mother’s Day? Was she going through a divorce and decided to kill her children so her ex-husband couldn’t have them? Was she a deranged religious weirdo who thought her kids had been possessed by Satan so she had to kill them to free them? Was she just a horrible, murderous person? Nobody knows yet but there is no question that this mother murdered her children.

Terminating a pregnancy before it is an actual baby is not murder. The decision to do it is not made easily or quickly. Women don’t decide to abort without weighing the options and consequences thoroughly. Some decide to go through with an abortion and carry a lot of shame and guilt about it. It’s a horrible decision to make but that decision must be hers and hers alone. A woman should make the decision when and if to be a mother herself. That decision should not be made by the government.

“We’re doing this for your own good.” — The Supreme Court

“Grab ’em by the pussy.” — The Supreme Court

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Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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