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Spike Dolomite
3 min readJun 5


Trump’s lawyers just left meeting with prosecutors at the Justice Department. This is what usually happens right before an indictment drops. Trump’s lawyers who are left still standing (most others have either dropped him as a client or are being investigated as part of his crimes) get one last chance to beg before the DOJ to not go forward with an indictment. Not gonna happen.

Trump took 13,000 classified documents (100 of which are the highest level of top secret classification) and no one knows where all of them are. Trump could be looking at possible 4 charges — the Espionage Act for mishandling national defense records, concealing government records, obstruction, and criminal contempt. He made false statements to a federal authority. Each lie that he has told is a crime. Top legal analysists agree: Jack Smith should charge Trump before Fanni Willis does in Georgia, most likely by the end of this week or next.

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Trump is freaking out. You know who else is freaking out? All of the Republicans Trump has been blackmailing. Once indicted, he’s going to start throwing them all under the bus in exchange for leniency. Everybody going in and out of Trump’s office who was picked up on Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage since Jan 10, 2022 should be very nervous too.

Trump says he lost the one classified document that everybody is talking about right now that was mentioned in the audio recording that was released last week.

Trump and his lawyers have been lying about how many documents Trump has in his possession. They have been lying about him declassifying everything that he took before he took them. They have been lying about whether or not he obtained the documents by accident.

On May 6, 2021, the National Archives told Trump that there were missing national security documents that they thought might be at Mar-a-Lago. On May 9, 2021, Trump flew by private plane from Palm Beach to Bedminster with boxes and some guy who happened to be at the airport captured the transfer on video because it looked suspicious. In July of 2021, Trump was interviewed at his club in New Jersey, Bedminster, and bragged about a classified document that he waved in front of anybody. Now he says he lost it.

Check Ivanna’s coffin at the first tee at Bedminster golf club.

DOJ has been strategically leaking bits to put pressure on witnesses to talk.

Trump and his team are trying to find out the identities of the FBI agents and prosecutors who are investigating him so he can have them all fired when he is president again. Trump announced his run in the very place that the FBI raided and left with classified documents.

Jack Smith is the right guy for this job, according to prosecutors who have worked with him. He has an impeccable reputation on an international level as well as national level. He is a registered Independent. Nobody knows what his politics are. He was out of the country during the whole Trump presidency so he wasn’t subjected to the daily insanity. He was working at the Hague, prosecuting war criminals and really, really bad guys.

Based upon the DOJ leaks, the first indictment should be about classified documents and Mar-a-Lago. Jack Smith will prosecute Trump for attempting a coup later. DOJ has to be so confident and prepared about charging Trump that their case will not only convince a jury that he’s guilty but they have to win knowing that the court of appeals and the Supreme Court won’t overturn their conviction.

Jack Smith is the right guy for the job.

Woo Hoo!!!!



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