While Congress was in joint session going through the rudimentary procedure of finalizing the presidential election, Trump’s cult followers stormed the Capitol. They had just assembled for a rally nearby where they were given the command by Trump to attack. He brought them together and then invited them to commit a coup in his name. Rudy spoke to them too and called for a trial by combat.

The mob descended on the Capitol and knocked down the barriers, broke windows, charged past security and then spread out throughout the interior. The Capitol was put on lockdown. Congress was recessed so that members could take cover. Insurrectionists filled the interior of the Capitol unencumbered and it was easy. It was as if they were invited.

They went through the statuary wearing their MAGA hats, ridiculous costumes, and capes made out of flags, waving their Trump, Don’t Tread on Me and confederate flags. They broke into offices wearing MAGA hats and Trump flags as capes, went through congressmembers’ desks and files and destroyed everything. They broke furniture. They jumped all over inside both chambers, hung from walls, climbed up on top of statues, vaped inside lawmakers’ offices, looted, and then took over the risers at the back of the Capitol that had been set up for Joe Biden’s inauguration. They smashed CNN and AP broadcasting equipment.

QAnon, Proud Boys, and MAGAs are all one now. Yesterday was the moment they had been waiting for — a chance to act out their fantasies of taking over the US government on behalf of their hero.

Richard Barnett took over Nancy Pelosi’s office, sat at her desk with his feet propped up and took a selfie of himself smoking a cigarette. He posted, “Hello from the Capital lol.” He told CNN that they didn’t need to break in. “There were thousands of people in there — they had no control of the situation. I didn’t get stopped or questioned.” He left with a large envelope with her name on it. He said he didn’t steal it because he left her a quarter.

While members of Congress had praise for the Capitol Police on the inside, people watching the live coverage wondered where they were on the outside. Cops took barriers down to let people through. Rioters took control of Capitol inside and out — NO ARRESTS. Cops were hanging out and chatting it up with them, taking selfies. One was caught on video running from the crowd.

Capitol Police are trained to manage protests. They do it all the time but yesterday they FAILED. They were accomodating and never did a press conference to inform Congress or the public on what was going on.

When disabled people in wheelchairs showed up to the Capitol to confront their representatives about voting to kill Obamacare, the Capitol Police pulled them out of their wheel chairs and dragged them out of the Capitol.

The Department of Defense refused to send in the National Guard because Trump runs the DOD. He fired everybody weeks ago and put loyalists in charge in preparation for this day. This was a full blown coup attempt. Trump’s goal was to prevent Congress from formally accepting the electoral college count, using brain washed cult followers as his army, and keeping law enforcement from stopping them.

No cops. No homeland security. No national guard. Flash grenades went off on the steps as the sun went down to get people to leave but that’s all. Insurrectionists sauntered off, totally unafraid of the cops because they were all white. It was nothing like when Trump militarized the police and had peaceful Black Lives Matters protesters gassed, shot, beaten and rounded up back in June.

“The story of the last five years from the rise of Trump to things like the apparent siege of the Capitol complex is of people who had all the information they needed to see what was coming and either ignored it or stoked the flames.” — Ryan Evans

After Trump was pressured enough, he finally relented into doing a video where he encouraged people to go home even though they were right to be there because of all of the evil stuff going on. He told them he loved them. He praised them. He tweeted: These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!

Twitter cut Trump off FINALLY, but only temporary.

Facebook cut Trump off for the remainder of his term.

Fox is holding the insurrectionists up as heroes. Laura Ingraham had one on as an honored guest on her show. She interviewed him live from his hotel room in DC. Brit Hume believes that the MAGAs were infiltrated by leftist extremists.

Republicans didn’t back off in their support of the coup, even after the Capitol had been seized and they all were told to put on their gas masks under their desks and shelter in place. They still went through with their political stunt to back Trump up by taking up valuable time making ridiculous speeches while exhausted, terrified legislators were forced to have to sit there and listen. Matt Gaetz said, “Some of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters, they were masquerading as Trump supporters and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group Antifa.”

Mitt Romney was the only one who called Trump and the other Republicans out. He was pissed. “This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection.”

An attack on democracy and the nation’s Capitol was directed by the president of the United States. Trump literally summoned his cult followers to DC, spoke at their event, offered to walk them over to the Capitol and then praised them afterward. He got off on all of it. He’s insane.

The media kept referring to the terrorists as “protesters.”

Joe Biden addressed the nation and called upon Trump to go on TV and put an end to the siege. He emphasized that it was not a protest, but an insurrection.

Congress was able to reconvene and get their business done amongst the rubble. They certified the electoral college but Trump isn’t finished yet. He’s not done destroying our democracy.

Trump will not stop until he is stopped.

13 more days until Joe Biden is inaugurated but Trump must be stopped before then.

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