Christmas is in 2 days and the bad news just keeps on coming. America can’t catch a break.

Big Shot Trump doesn’t want to sign the relief bill. He went on TV and called it a “disgrace.” He wants people to get $2,000 instead of $600 even though he hasn’t been remotely involved in the negotiating process because he could care less. He’s just doing this to be a jerk. He’s so lazy and stupid he doesn’t even know he’s not threatening to veto a separate relief bill but an entire government funding bill. He didn’t even look at it.

Nancy Pelosi called his bluff by tweeting out a jubilant response — Great idea! That’s what the Democrats have wanted all along and we’re ready to fly back next week to vote on it. “Let’s do it!”

Trump concluded his Big Shot televised remarks by referencing the next administration, “Maybe that administration will be me.” He timed his TV appearance to coincide with law makers flying home for the holidays just in time for him to run away to Mar-a-Lago. Now he’s going to make working people mad at Congress because they were only going to give them $600 when Trump the Great wants them to have $2,000! He’s sticking it to Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue too because they’ve been bragging about how they’ve been working on getting their constituents relief checks. 600 bucks? 600 BUCKS? WE WANT 2,000!

Trump’s longtime bankers at Deutsche Bank, who got Trump and Jared hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, have “resigned” which means they’re in really big legal trouble.

Trump pardoned 20 more people — 4 military contract workers who worked for Erik Prince’s company, Blackwater (we’ll be hearing more about Betsy DeVos and her brother, Erik Prince, after Trump is gone and the whole story starts to come out,) who killed 14 civilians and injured 17 others in Iraq. One of them was sentenced to life. Among those who were killed were a mother holding her infant, a 9 year old, and a 11 year old. They also shot a bunch of other people who didn’t die. 2 men who pleaded guilty and served time for their role in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation have gotten a pass too — George Papadopoulos (who Trump said he didn’t know after he got arrested and then awhile later said he was just a coffee boy) and Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan, (the son in law of a Ukrainian oligarch.) He gave a high five to 3 former Republican members of Congress — Steve Stockman was serving a 10 year sentence for fraud and money laundering (just like Trump,) Duncan Hunter (one of Trump’s first supporters who went to jail for doing the same thing Trump did — ripping off his own campaign and blaming it on someone else) and Chris Collins, (another one of Trump’s first supporters, who spent time in jail for insider trading which is very Trumpian.) 2 Border Patrol agents convicted in 2006 of shooting and wounding an unarmed undocumented immigrant and then covering it up got a pardon from the prez too. All of these picks were made to either to cover his own ass, piss people off or were recommended by Republicans or Fox News.

A president shouldn’t be able to pardon war criminals or accomplices who were convicted of their roles in an investigation about the president.

Trump is considering granting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman legal immunity for an alleged assassination plot.

“Trump pardons crooked GOP congressmen, murderous war criminals, and Russia scandal felons. A good summation of his presidency. Deplorable assaults on American justice.” — David Corn

“Pardon Rand Paul’s neighbor.” — Steve Marmel

After assaulting journalists, a group of armed right wing insurrectionists busted into the state capitol in Oregon while the state legislature was in session debating coronavirus restrictions. One of them used some sort of chemical agents on the cops and another sprayed them with bear spray. Nobody was shot and killed by the cops because they were all white.

36 people in Antarctica have the coronavirus.

Hospitals in California are overflowing with coronavirus patients — they’re over capacity with beds set up in hallways, operating rooms and hospital lobbies.

323,000 families won’t be celebrating much this Christmas because they’re too lost, sad and traumatized from having lost a family member to the Trump Plague this year. 2020 will be the deadliest year in American history.

40% of adults are having mental health issues since the pandemic started. Online alcohol sales are up 80% this year. People are drinking their way through the pandemic.

Today is Bill Barr’s last day.

28 days until Trump’s last day.

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