It’s Over

Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 31, 2021
Bye, Foolicia

The 20 year war in Afghanistan is over. The media and the cable news talking heads are telling their own story to each other about how bad this is for Biden politically. Nobody is telling the story from the point of view that the 20 year war in Afghanistan is finally over. It’s over.

The media is interviewing war hawks like John Bolton, Leon Panetta, and Karl Rove without giving any context of their role in the Afghan disaster. They were the architects of the mess and they all lied. The media should remind people of that when they invite them to comment but they don’t want to over react and be accused of not being balanced. Let the Republican lying liars have their chance to tell their version of the story.

The media thinks the Dems need to figure out how to get through to MAGAs to win them over. There is no winning them over. They’re completely brain washed. You can’t reason with cult members. Don’t put this on the Dems. MAGAs were duped into trying to overthrow the government. They’re hopeless. Get away from them. They’ve got guns and germs. Look out! They’re over there — run!

Right wing media hosts are starting to drop dead from covid. In radio, “Vaxman” Phil Valentine bit the dust first, then “Scamdemic” Dick Farrel, and now “Mr. Anti-Vax” Marc Bernier. It’s all over for them. Their anti-vax influence over their brain washed MAGA audience is over but it’s not over for the right wing media hosts. Who will be next?

Hurricane Ida has died down but it’s not over. It’s time to assess the damage and rescue people from their rooftops. The hurricane shredded parts of the electrical grids in Louisiana and Mississippi so now well over a million people are without power during extreme heat and an out of control deadly pandemic.

School board members all across the country are resigning out of fear and disgust after being threatened by lunatic parents and politicians who are working overtime to intimidate them. Steve Lynch, a Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania said in a campaign speech, “Forget going into these school boards with freaking data. You go in to these school boards to remove them. I’m going in with 20 strong men and I’m gonna give them an option — they can leave or they can be removed.”

These lunatic parents are acting as if having to wear a piece of cloth over their faces to save lives is government overreach and the same thing as the government taking away their guns away. These people are dumb, delusional, and dangerous. Tyranny won’t be over for them until they take over the school boards.

Meanwhile, kids are being traumatized by being forced to do active shooter drills so their parents can stockpile more guns and raise hell at school board meetings about their kids being traumatized by being asked to wear masks at school.

“On the eve of the school year starting, I just want to point out that our society is relying on five-year-olds to be extra responsible and make safe personal choices, so that adults don’t have to take any responsibility at all.” — Amber Sparks

The over-reactive lunatics are threatening doctors and nurses, too. Nurses are quitting. They’ve got PTSD from working in a literal war zone. Like Afghanistan, the media isn’t that interested in covering the actual horrors of war, they’d rather do over the top opinion “reporting” than get in there and show the public what’s really going on in overwhelmed hospitals.

The Select Committee has asked for the phone records from the members of the sedition caucus from the day of and the days before the insurrection.

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, sent emails that show that Trump tried to get the DOJ to overturn the election.

Jeffrey Rosen, the guy that took over for Bill Barr after he abruptly resigned, is cooperating with the DOJ IG and has given hours of testimony. He met with the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s working fast in case anyone sues him to prevent him from doing what he’s doing which is share information that proves that a lawyer from the Department of Justice, Jeffrey Clark, was working with Trump to overturn a legitimate election.

The Republiqans are acting like January 6 was no big deal and that the Dems should let it all go and get over it.

The Republican Party has a lot in common with the Taliban. They both hate women and progress, they both took over the capitols of the countries they have been at war with, and they both “serve” in government.

From now until forever the American Taliban, FKA the Republican Party, will be remembered throughout history for taking control of the US capitol on January 6, 2021 to overturn an election, overthrow Congress, and overtake the government.

The Republicans have really fucked US over.

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