Jim Crow 2

The KKK is out and proud, hoodless and in power in Georgia

The new Jim Crow law passed in Georgia. The bill soared through the white majority Republiqan House and Senate and zoomed over to the white Republican governor’s office for signing all in ONE DAY. Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill flanked by 7 white male Republicans behind closed doors while a sitting black state senator, Park Cannon, was being arrested for knocking on the locked door, asking to be let in so she could witness the signing of the bill. She was dragged out of the Capitol by 5 white male police officers who were followed by a group of black women who were filming and demanding to know why she was being arrested. One of them was a fellow Democratic senator, Rep Erica Thomas, who told the police, “You arrested a sitting state representative for nothing! She didn’t do anything but knock on the governor’s door. I’m so done. Protect and serve who?”

This Jim Crow voter discrimination law was revenge for voters electing a black senator. It will also help Brian Kemp get re-elected when he runs against Stacey Abrams again in 2022. Gloves and hoods off — white male Republiqans are going to gain and maintain power in the Georgia state legislature at all costs. They have made it clear now to the entire country that if they lose elections they’re going to change the rules so they always win. That’s called autocracy and it is a continuation of the January 6 attack on democracy.

Coca Cola supports voter suppression in Georgia.

The signing of the Jim Crow law happened on the 56th anniversary of the assassination of a northern civil rights activist and mother of 5, Viola Liuzzo, after she marched in Selma for the right to vote for black citizens. She was a white ally, and protested the limits put upon black voters to keep them from exercising their right to vote such as being forced to pay poll taxes that they couldn’t pay and take literacy tests that they couldn’t pass (which included questions about the constitution that many of the Republiqans in Congress couldn’t answer today.) Soon after, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act which forbade states from charging and testing people to vote.

The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act last year, making way for the rebirth of Jim Crow laws in Southern states where Democrats have been gaining ground.

Republiqan hypocrite fun fact: Strom Thurmond was a famous, powerful racist who served in the military, was once a judge, the governor of South Carolina, and then a US Senator. He was also a huge hypocrite for he had had an affair with a black woman who bore his child who was kept a big secret. She knew who her father was and had to listen to him filibuster the Voting Rights Act when she was 32 years old. He decided not to run again at the age of 100 so Lindsey Graham ran for his seat. It’s a segregationist seat.

Congress needs to fix this, NOW. The House has already done it’s part but if the Senate doesn’t pass HR1 and HR4, democracy as we know it in the US, based on free and fair elections, will be over.

The GOP has warned that HR 1 could be “absolutely devastating for Republicans.”

The sweeping new legislation in Georgia requires ID for absentee ballots, limits drop boxes and changes early voting hours. If the state doesn’t like how local elections are going, they can step in and change them. It makes it a crime to give anybody water who has been standing in line all day waiting to vote.

Forcing people to lose a day’s wages to stand in line to vote is a poll tax.

Other states with Republiqan legislatures will follow. Iowa has already passed a similar law. Arizona, Texas and Florida are next. Joe Biden flat out called it a revival of Jim Crow yesterday in his press conference. He called it sick.

Stacey Abrams said this new law suppresses voters, criminalizes compassion and seizes election authority from local and state officials. “In 11 years, I never witnessed a massive bill approved at such speed and signed in such desperation. This wasn’t efficiency or principle. This is cowardice.”

“There was a coup attempt, on the basis of a lie, and now that lie is being used to, among other things, make it illegal to give some water to a voter waiting in line. This is not unrelated to January 6. This is the predictable next step.” — Senator Brian Schatz

Trump’s Big Lie gave way to Jim Crow 2.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.