And just like that, the US Senate handed a criminal Russian agent complete power, crowning him king. American democracy is dead. The Democrats are outnumbered and the Republican Party is just The Party.

Just like that.

Right away Bill Barr sent out a memo letting everybody know that he alone can approve or disapprove any investigation into Trump, Mike Pence or any staff from now until the election. Just like that, we are living under fascist rule.

All 47 Democrats voted to convict and all but one Republican voted to acquit making it bi-partisan. America has never seen anything like this. Mitt joined the 47%!

It wasn’t just like that, though. He had to really think and pray about it and in the end Mitt Romney said that his faith couldn’t let his conscience go along with the crowd. He went against The Party and voted to convict. This took guts because he will be ostracized by The Party and threatened by Trump. He may be safe back home in Utah, but not in Washington DC. He voted to convict for all of the right reasons but The Party will make him pay. This is fascism now. Never go against The Party. Mitt Romney is the first senator in history to convict a president who is a member of his own party.

Mitt Romney may be on Trump’s hit list but he won the respect of millions, mostly he won the respect of his family, his creator and himself. He’s got to be able to live with himself. All the other Republicans can rationalize anything. Even fascism.

“I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability… believing that my country expected it of me……History will note merely that I was among the senators who determined that what the President did was wrong, grievously wrong.” Mitt Romney said in his speech on the Senate floor with only four Senators in attendance, three of them Democrats.

Breaking! Fox News separates church and state! Fox and Friends is not happy that Mitt mentioned his faith influencing his decision. They are saying that faith has no place in politics. Just like that. Later on today they’ll go back to calling Trump the Chosen One.

The first thing Trump did after the vote was post a video of himself running for president indefinitely. Just like that. Just like Putin! Trump won’t ever leave.

The second thing he did was post a demeaning video of Mitt Romney. That wasn’t just like that. Mitt knew this would happen when he was making his decision. He’s not afraid of Trump. He’s the only Republican who isn’t.

Moscow Mitch says impeachment has been a “political loser” for the Democrats and a boost for the Republicans. Everybody who is up for reelection will be rewarded in November. He’s sure of it. Just like that.

Adam Schiff says that after Bolton said he would testify the House Managers invited him to submit a sworn affidavit describing what he knew about Trump’s misconduct with Ukraine and just like that he said no.

November 2020 is a battle between good and evil. Democracy and authoritarianism are the ballot. In order to save America we need to vote in record numbers for Democrats but it won’t happen just like that. The Party will cheat. All hands on deck. EVERYBODY has to play a part in getting people out to vote.

The Chosen One is going to address 3,000 “Christian” lawmakers and other creepy hypocrites at a prayer gathering for liars, cheats and thieves and at 12 p.m. he is going to make a public statement from the White House “to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!”

Just like that, America as we knew it is gone.

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