Justice Dodged is Just Justice Delayed

Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 5, 2022


4 cops/former cops have been arrested on federal charges 847 days after they killed 26 year old Black woman, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky while she slept in her bed. They busted into her apartment at night, guns blazing, and shot her 8 times. She was still alive after they shot her but they didn’t help her. They weren’t charged for anything at the state level but the feds have been investigating this for civil rights violations for over 2 years and have charged them with excessive force, falsifying information in a search warrant, and staging a cover up.

The four white cops are Joshua Jaynes, Kyle Meany, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, and Brett Hankison.

What they did was worse than cops racial profiling and killing an unarmed Black person, a common crime against the Black community. They lied on the search warrant and they lied about what happened after it was over. Prosecutors allege that 3 of them met in a garage after they killed her and came up with a story to tell investigators.

They shouldn’t have even been there.

They got off easy by the state. The grand jury was told by the Kentucky AG, Daniel Cameron, that they did not have the option to deliberate homicide charges. They were horrified but proceeded as directed. They’re happy and willing to tell the DOJ all about that.

Trump invited AG Daniel Cameron to be a token black speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2020. Cameron claimed that the public backlash from the Breonna Taylor case was an assault on Western civilization. Defending European heritage is code for white supremacists. When did he stop being Black? He’s nervous today, tweeting out all sorts of platitudes, defending how he handled the case.

The DOJ has been investigating civil rights violations in the Breonna Taylor case for 2 years. Last year Merrick Garland said their probe would focus on several areas, including whether the Louisville police department used unreasonable force, including during peaceful protests, engaged in unconstitutional stops, searches and seizures, including unlawful search warrant executions on private residences, discriminated against people based on race, and failed to provide public services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The 4 cops aren’t the only ones in big trouble with the feds.

People took to the streets all across the country to demand justice for Breonna Taylor in 2020. What did the Republicans say about the public’s reaction? Cops called it the work of “thugs” who created a “good versus evil” mentality. Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany said, “Our hearts go out to her. It was a horrible tragedy that happened. And that our hearts also are with the two police officers who were shot last night in the Louisville riots.” Tucker Carlson explained to his audience why George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor got shot by the police — they had it coming. Mitch McConnell told Fox News that he was more concerned about the commotion in his hometown streets than he was about cops killing another innocent Black person. “It was very sad to see my hometown looking a lot like Portland.” Mitch knew what he was saying and he knew who he was saying it to.

Round 1 in the Alex Jones case is over. He has to pay $4 million for compensatory damages to the first family (paying for what it literally cost them as a result of his actions). Punitive damages get decided today and there should be more. After that, the jury decides what he owes 2 more families.

Both the Select Committee and the Justice Department have asked for Alex Jones’ phone and the Sandy Hook lawyers intend to give it to them. Jones bragged about being asked by Trump and the Secret Service to lead the march from the rally at the Ellipse to the Capitol. Now the feds and Congress will be able to find out if that’s true.

FBI director Chris Wray admitted that the bureau passed the 4,500 tips that they got about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct during his confirmation hearing on to Trump to decide who to pursue in 2018, which of course meant nobody. Trump nixed the Kavanaugh investigation.

Trump’s legal defense team has warned him that federal indictments for January 6 are possible and the AG of New York, Letitia James, said they have rescheduled questioning Trump and Ivanka at the end of the month (Junior and Eric already testified). Now that the Trumps have had a couple of weeks to grieve after tossing their deceased matriarch into a hole near the first tee at Trump’s golf course, it’s time to get back to dodging justice.



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