Karens with Kooties

2 Americans were caught by Canadian customs officers attempting to enter their country with fake vaccine documentation. They were fined $20,000 each. Since they couldn’t scream about their rights like they do in America they just asked to speak to the manager of Canada. Listen Karen, we don’t want your kooties in these parts.

2 more officers, Gunther Hashida and 26 year old Kyle deFreytag, who were both attacked by domestic terrorists on January 6, have committed suicide. TWO IN ONE DAY. That makes a TOTAL OF FOUR. PTSD intensified by having to work at the crime scene for 7 months made worse by Republicans pretending that the attack on the Capitol never happened, who voted against a congressional investigation, made martyrs out of terrorists who attacked them, and are treating them with indifference and hostility as they continue to benefit from their ongoing protection every day, plus being called “pussies” by the diabolical sadist Trump, the commander in chief who ordered the attack and got off on watching them all suffer on TV as if it was a snuff film could be the reason why.

All of the cops that defended the Capitol should be put on suicide watch. They need help now just like they did then.

Vaccinated people are getting covid but aren’t getting sick. Lindsey Graham has it. He’s been vaccinated so he’s OK. He either got it partying on Joe Manchin’s houseboat or he spread it partying on Joe Manchin’s houseboat. His symptoms are minor but he could sneeze on an unvaccinated idiot and give it to them. He couldn’t give it to any of his enemies because they’re all vaccinated.

Republican punk Madison Cawthorn says Biden is going to go door to door to vaccinate people against their will. While he’s there he’s going to take their Bibles and guns.

Anti vaxxers see themselves as civil rights activists when in reality they should be removed from society like Typhoid Mary (Karen with kooties,) the asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever in 1907 who refused to abide by public health guidelines to stop the spread of the disease and ended up infecting 53 people and killing 3. New York authorities exiled her to an island in a river because she was such a self righteous deadly Karen.

The US has distributed 100 million vaccines to grateful people around the world. That’s about the same amount of doses that ungrateful, know it all, entitled Typhoid Marys have turned their noses up to in the US.

Speaking of ungrateful, know it all, entitled Typhoid Marys, 1/3 of all covid cases in the past week have been in Florida and Texas, thanks to their Republican governors who have politicized the pandemic to whip up the Krazy Karen with Kooties vote. They’re both running for re-election. It used to be that candidates put their best selves forward to get elected but that won’t work anymore if you’re a Republican.

Florida is nearing its all time record for covid hospitalizations. They’re up to 11,863 which is 1,181 more than yesterday. Their all time record is 12,282 and they’ll beat it because Karens with kooties want to sneeze on the managers.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: The same people who think that business owners can deny service to customers who are gay or need birth control, claiming it’s their constitutional right to do so are making huge scenes and getting sick because business owners are denying them service for not wearing masks. Their defense is, “My body my choice!” but believe it’s the government’s business to take control of the bodies of half the population to regulate their sex lives and determine how big their families will be.

David Byrd, Republican state legislator in Tennessee, spent 55 days on a ventilator and had to have a liver transplant because of covid. He’s a born again vaxxer after accusing the Dems of politicizing the flu and blaming the media for making a big deal out of nothing.

Speaking of Tennessee, a guy went into a workplace in Nashville early this morning and shot 2 employees before the cops shot him. Carry on.

The moratorium on evictions has run out and now everybody who fell behind on their rent or mortgage because they lost their jobs or had to quit to care for children who couldn’t go to school because of the pandemic will be tossed out on the street. States have billions tagged to help these people pay for their housing but they’re either sitting on it or rationing it out like snacks.

Failed politician and reality TV star, Sarah Palin says she is willing to run for Senate if God wants her to. She was Trump before there was Trump. She stroked those tea party partiers, then stoked them and smoked them so they were juicy and ready for tee time when Trump hit the course. Now they have kooties. Trump gave it to them.

Trump has raised $100 million off of the Big Lie. MAGAs think they’ve been giving him money to help him pay his legal fees. They think he will be “reinstated” in a couple of weeks. It’s his slush fund. The Trump Organization’s petty cash.

Joe Biden is fixing problems and repairing the damage done by Trump. It’s a huge job but he still takes the weekends off. Since he doesn’t tweet all day and night, people aren’t on red alert all of the time. The country and his staff can relax a little bit. They can actually dare to plan their lives again now that they’re not reacting all the time from crisis to crisis. No news is good news but it’s giving vaccinated Americans a new kind of anxiety — what to do with nothing.

Meanwhile, the Karens with kooties continue to make something out of nothing.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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