Killing Machines

Spike Dolomite
3 min readFeb 16, 2024

Trump’s plot via one of his co-conspirators in the Fulton County case, Mike Roman, to destroy Fani Willis by trying to get her disqualified from the election interference case because of stuff they thought they had on her regarding her personal life is pure spectacle, of course, and quite ironic. Republicans calling into question a conflict of interest for Fani Willis dating someone at work is rich since the real conflict of interest is the Supreme Court deciding if Trump is immune from prosecution when one of their justices, Clarence Thomas, refuses to recuse himself when his wife played a role in the planning of the insurrection. He’s an accessory to the crime under consideration.

When they put Fani Willis on the stand she kept her cool but she gave it right back to them. “Do you think I’m on trial? These people are on trial for trying to steal an election in 2020. I’m not on trial no matter how hard you try to put me on trial.” Now get on with this ridiculous spectacle so we can all watch Fani Willis kill it on the other side of the witness stand.

The Republicans star witness for their cases against both Bidens, Alexander Smirnov, has been indicted by the DOJ for lying to the FBI. The guy made the whole thing up so now the Republicans are busted. Will they kill both Biden investigations or are they going to move ahead with whatever they have in mind for Hunter (beyond humiliating him) and impeaching his dad.

While the Supreme Court decides if Trump has the same powers as Putin, news broke this morning that Putin’s political rival Alexei Navalny, who Putin imprisoned for criticizing him, has died in custody. Putin killed him. The Russian opposition leader has been in jail since January 2021.

Putin gave Tucker Carlson a softball interview last week, then Trump invited Russia to invade Europe during a MAGA rally, then Speaker Mike Johnson blocked aid to Ukraine, and now Putin’s #1 critic is dead. This is not a coincidence.

Navalny was a threat to Putin because he took him on politically and had the guts to investigate and expose the secret wealth of the Russia’s most powerful men, plus he got the state media, which is not a free press, to broadcast what he knew.

Navalny is dead, Ukraine is running out of bullets and MAGA has hijacked the House of Representatives. Republicans don’t see Putin or Trump as a threat. They see Biden and our judicial system as a threat. They’re already spinning Navalny’s death as the same thing as happening here, only the Democrats are the threat. Former US MAGA congressman Lee Zeldin said, “As the world reflects on the murder of Alexei Navalny at the hands of Putin, it’s worth remembering that Democrats are actively doing Biden’s bidding as they also try to imprison his chief political opponent, Donald Trump, remove him from the ballot, and ensure he dies in prison.”

What does Tucker Carlson have to say about such a thing? “Every leader kills people. Some kill more than others. Leadership requires killing people.”

President Biden had something to say about the killing. “He bravely stood up to the corruption, the violence and all the bad things the Putin government was doing, Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death.”

Trump has no comment on the killing.

People take for granted that because these Trump players are so clownish and stupid that they can’t possibly be as dangerous as Putin. They can and they are. They must be killed (at the ballot box).



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