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Look at this idiot. Trump’s protege, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, is deep in “what’s in it for me” thought after just picking his nose wearing only one protective glove. His state is the next hot spot for overflowing hospitals and mortuaries because he, like Trump, knew what was coming and blew it all off while sitting back and picking his knows.

US intelligence warned Trump of a contagion in China rapidly spreading all the way back in November. The idiot blew it off like seasonal allergies. Now he says he used to compare it to the flu, but then he found out that the worst pandemic ever was in 1918 and that was the flu. He said, “The flu is nothing to sneeze at.”

The governor of Colorado said that FEMA blocked his state’s purchase of 500 ventilators and then wala! Trump sent 100 as a favor to Colorado’s Republican governor, Cory Gardner. You owe me now, Cory. Pick my nose.

Bernie has dropped out.

Trump went full on GET THE DEMOCRATS on Twitter after Bernie dropped out, demonstrating, one more time, that he doesn’t give a shit about the country or people dying. HE IS INCAPABLE OF CARING ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. There is something wrong with him. The Republicans know it and they haven’t said a word or moved an inch. They’re too busy sittting at home, watching TV, and picking their noses. Their ambivalence is killing us.

A relative of an employee of Walmart, one of the richest corporations in the world that won’t let its workers unionize and pays them dirt wages so they’re forced to apply for government assistance and sleep in their cars, is suing the shit out of them for wrongful death because they worked their loved one to death. They didn’t do anything to protect their employees from contracting the coronavirus. Let one of the good things that comes out of this horrible tragedy is that Walmart be punched in the nose by evolution and brought to its knees.

Tyler Perry picked up the tab for the senior shopping hour in 44 grocery stores in Atlanta.

Bill Barr did a propaganda interview with Laura Ingraham to reinforce Trump’s endorsement of Hydroxychloroquine. He praised Trump’s leadership and said he has been working with all of the governors to make sure they get what they need. He scolded Democrats for partisanship during a pandemic without actually saying Democrats. He complained about the media doing a “jihad” to discredit Trump’s drug. See what he did there? He threw in an inflammatory terrorist word when talking about the media. He referred to the current restrictions imposed on people as “draconian measures” and wants people out and about by the end of April, instead of telling people to “go home and hide under their bed.” Then he picked his nose and ate it and pretended like he didn’t. What?

10% of the US labor force is now out of work. 6.6 million people have filed for unemployment. That’s over 17 million, more than 1 in 10 workers, 4 million more the population of the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Everybody is starting to wear masks when they have to go out for groceries or prescriptions. Black people have to worry about looking menacing while wearing a mask so Hello Kitty scarves it is. They can’t take any chances on getting shot by a packing MAGA who feels “threatened” by a black man in a mask as they are out buying nonessential MAGA items like Budweiser, cigarettes, and Pop Tarts.

Trump took a break from tweeting yesterday to sign an executive order to allow the US to mine for minerals on the moon.

More than 14,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. 2,000 people are dying every day. One American is dying every 45 seconds.

Trump is not phased.

Remember when President Obama cried after all of those precious children were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Trump hasn’t shed a tear over 14,000 people.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.