Russian spy and gun activist Maria Butina pleaded guilty in court to conspiracy against the United States. She admitted to building a relationship with the GOP and infiltrating the NRA at the instruction of the Kremlin. She confirmed that the NRA is a tool of a foreign government and admitted that she tried to set up informal back channels between Russia and the US leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Maria Butina’s accomplice, Russian oligarch Alexander Torshin, the former member of the Russian parliament and deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia, resigned from the bank last week. He hasn’t been seen in public since.

Paul Erickson, Maria Butina’s American boyfriend who is old enough to be her father, is a Republican political operative in on the operation. He is no stranger to the Kremlin.

John Bolton, national security advisor, has been involved with the NRA and Russia for 6 years. He’s one of the old white guys that dances with Maria Butina. How did he get security clearance?

The NRA spent $30 million to get Trump elected.

The NRA has donated millions to Republicans which is why more kids are getting shot and killed at school and why Trump is being protected by Congress. Three of the top 10 recipients of NRA money serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee: Richard Burr $7 million (he’s the chair!,) Roy Blunt $5 million, and Marco Rubio $3 million. Some of those millions were rubles.

The NRA doesn’t like Democrats because the Democrats don’t like the NRA.

There is a criminal investigation into Trump’s inauguration. Did money from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE make its way to the inaugural committee? We will soon find out. The feds are looking into where the $107 million came from (twice as much as Obama’s record breaking inauguration) and where it went.

Before there was the inauguration committee taking Russian money, there was the Republican National Committee. Michael Cohen was one of the deputy finance chairmen. Both he and Elliott Broidy, another deputy finance chairman, resigned after scandals broke about them paying off Playmates.

Sean Hannity deleted a bunch of tweets about Michael Cohen.

Trump wants to deport Vietnamese survivors of war who have been in this country for 40 years.

Jared Kushner says he might be interested in taking the Chief of Staff job.

Ann Coulter went on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News and said this about the Democratic party: “I mean you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers. You must hate white men. It’s the one thing they have in common.”

The talking heads on Fox News are defending Melania Trump. They’re saying that no other First Lady has ever been treated so badly. First off, Melania isn’t the first of anything. Second, she’s no lady, and third, nobody has ever been treated as disrespectfully as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, EVER.

A 7 year old immigrant girl died from dehydration and shock after being taken at the border.

Today is the 6th year anniversary of Sandy Hook and look what we’ve become. No new gun legislation to protect public health, more school shootings, a stronger, more dangerous Republican party and NRA, more gun sales, and a duped, paranoid, impotent sub-populace that really believes it NEEDS all those guns.

The Russians are flying bombers over the Caribbean near Venezuela to show Trump that they can play in our backyard and there isn’t anything he can do about it. Trump is allowing Russia to move in to our hemisphere with nuclear weapons. We can’t count on our allies because Trump has cut them all off.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: There is no such thing as a respectable Republican. At worst, they’ve committed crimes against the United States. That’s treason. At the very least, they have known about the crimes against the United States and have done nothing. They’re waiting it out so they can pop their heads back up again and pretend like they’re one of the good guys. They are not. They are derelict of duty. They put their own careers and the Republican party ahead of country.

We are in a constitutional crisis RIGHT NOW. The president is blackmailable.

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