Little Speck of Light

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJul 28, 2022

Gas prices keep going down and instead of the Republicans being glad that Americans are feeling relief, they’re mad because they were counting on running on high gas prices for the midterms. They don’t have abortion anymore so they can’t use that (they have to stay clear of that one now since it backfired on them) but they still have inflation. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates another 0.75 percentage point which they can conveniently blame on Biden. If they’re confronted about what THEY are going to do to fix inflation if elected, they’ve got nothing so they’ll have to quickly jump to their go-to crisis at the border. Hating on the immigrants always works.

20 red states are suing the US Department of Agriculture over their agency rule that prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ students for its free school lunch programs. The attorneys general say that each state should have the right to deny gay and trans kids lunch. So far they’ve gained success in keeping those kids from playing school sports and peeing in peace, now they want to deny them a mid-day meal. Their ultimate goal is for this to make it to the Supreme Court where it will surely become legal to deny children food.

Mothers Against Greg Abbott, a political action group dedicated to getting Governor Greg Abbott in Texas out of power is getting creative in how they call him out by making a video of an expectant couple in the doctor’s office receiving the worst possible news — their baby is severely deformed and will suffer and die as soon as she’s born. The best advice is to get an abortion but he had to call Greg Abbott first for permission on a wall phone in the examining room. Greg said no. The doctor tells the couple good luck and walks out. Moms in Texas went through hell trying to keep their kids safe during Covid because Abbott did everything possible to worsen the spread and expose their kids by making them go to school and not mandating safe public health practices. They’re scared to death to send their kids to school because school shootings are a regular thing now, the worst ones being in Texas, and Abbott makes it really easy for shooters, and they’re mad as hell that they don’t have any control over the size of their families, if they shall be doomed to die and leave their children because of an ectopic pregnancy or sepsis due to an incomplete miscarriage, or if their daughters get raped and become pregnant and are forced to give birth to and care for the result of a crime. The moms in Texas are pissed off.

John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, is trolling his Republican opponent, Dr Oz in a whole new way. He’s going after his immigration status — not because his parents are from Turkey, but because Oz is from New Jersey. He enlisted the help of two famous people from New Jersey to do ads for him. Reality Star Snooki from Jersey Shore and guitar player Stevie Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band each did a video encouraging Oz to come back home where he belongs. Clever, fair, memorable, fresh, not mean, and true.

There is a teensy, weensy little bit of light at the far, far end of the Trumplican tunnel. Republican voters, Republicans in Congress, donors, and Fox News are starting to distance themselves from Trump. There are two federal grand jury investigations going on, one on the attack on the Capitol and the other on the fake electors scheme. We’ll be hearing more about what the DOJ is doing now because they’re at the point in their investigations where they’re not going to be able to keep everything secret anymore. Grand jurors are sworn to secrecy but witnesses and their lawyers aren’t. Things are going to start leaking and now that the cat is out of the bag, the press will be camped out outside of the court so they can catch familiar faces going in and out.

Cassidy Hutchinson us cooperating with the DOJ.

Steve Mnuchin has been cooperating with the Select Committee.

Trump’s former acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney is testifying before the Select Committee today.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp testified against Trump in Fulton County’s election tampering criminal case.

Trump is starting to lose his grip. Keep your eye on that little flicker of light.



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