Long Live the White Lie

Just when everybody started to find out what they weren’t taught the truth about regarding slavery and white supremacy in school, the Republicans have taken ownership of Critical Race Theory, which has never been taught in public school in the first place because it’s an advanced college course, to scared white parents into believing that their kids will be indoctrinated with reverse racism if the libs succeed in getting it taught. Ruby Bridges, the 6 year old little girl who became the first African American student to integrate a school in the South, made even more famous by being the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting, is being reinvented by Republicans as a radical who is part of “critical race theory” now.

White parents don’t want their children to get their feelings hurt, feel guilty, or get bullied, just because they’re white. They’re afraid that if they learn about systemic racism in school, they’ll have to pay the price for all of the white kids who hurt and bullied black kids at school since desegregation. Racist white parents are freaking out that their kids will be singled out. They must be sheltered from the truth so they don’t feel shame about being white. They’re showing up at school board meetings yelling, “I’m not racist, BUT…..”

Even though the board of trustees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill bowed to public pressure and voted 9–4 to grant tenure to professor, New York Times reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the 1619 Project, the legacy of slavery, Nikole Hannah-Jones, she told them nope, she doesn’t want to stay somewhere where she’s not first pick plus it’s not her job to save white face after they lost it.

Madonna tried to come to Brittney Spear’s defense on Instagram by comparing Brittney’s dad controlling her millions to slavery. Equating Brittney’s celebrity and her dad having conservatorship because of mental instability to slavery which was “abolished” is so rich (pun intended.) An out of touch, over the top, ultra rich, attention starved provocateur making such a comparison just as the nation begins to grapple with its own demons around slavery is absurd. STFU, material girl.

Hervis Rogers, a black man in Texas who proudly voted in November after being denied that right because he was in jail, was arrested by Ken Paxton, the attorney general, in a county that wasn’t even where he voted, after he proudly stood in line for 6 hours to vote before going to work to his second job. He had mistakenly voted a couple of weeks before his parole was up. Bail was set so high he wouldn’t be able to pay it so he could sit in jail while Paxton attended CPAC in Texas over the weekend and bragged about being tough on election fraud (one less black voter.) Hervis could go to jail for decades. White people who knowingly commit voter fraud get a slap on the wrist. What makes this story even more horrendous is that Ken Paxton is under several investigations himself. The attorney general of Texas was indicted 6 years ago on 3 criminal charges: 2 counts of securities fraud and 1 count of failing to register with state securities regulators. He’s who should be in jail.

More black people live in Texas than any other state — almost 4 million. No wonder Republicans are obsessed with suppressing the vote there. It’s already the hardest state to vote in and now they want to make it impossible for black people to vote at all. 51 Democrats left the state yesterday to deny the Republicans a quorum so they couldn’t pass their voter restriction laws. They’re in DC right now to lobby the Senate to pass the Voting Rights Act. Yes! Texas Dems are showing the rest of the country how it’s done. Beto O’Rourke is raising money for all of them right now to cover their costs for travel. They’ll have to stay out of Texas for a month.

Edward Cagney Mathews of New Jersey went on a racist rant in his neighborhood last week, going off on one of his black neighbors, daring him to come to his house, giving his address on camera which was later posted. People came to his house all right. So many people showed up that Ed the racist hothead had to be escorted out of his home by police. This is nothing new. He’s been getting away with this for years. The only thing that was different was his invitation spread on social media so he was met outside his house with a whole lot of people who support black lives. He got arrested on harassment charges and also faces weapons, stalking and drug charges. Typical representative of the superior race.

Robert E Lee’s statue made its final ride through the streets of Charlottesville. The Republicans and white nationalists fought to keep it up and lost. Now they’re fighting hard to keep the real story about Robert E. Lee from being taught in schools. The country is on to them. They need to act fast. Keep the truth out of schools and Democrats from winning elections. Save the white lie! Save the white lie!

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