We’re living in a very precarious time. America is going to go one of two ways — total collapse into autocracy or rebirth and renewal. Because people are so exhausted from worry, burned out by Trump and politics, and weary from the pandemic, they naturally want to look the other way in search of normalcy. There is no going back to normal. Things will never be the same. If America makes it through this, it will have to reinvent itself again and that will be a good thing, but only if we make it. For that to happen, people can’t check out. Everybody has to be engaged in civic life or the great American experiment is over. America has cancer. If we ignore the tumor and hope it goes away it’s going to grow and it will kill us.

“Trump” needs to be ripped out by the roots in every function of government — Congress, DOJ, the Pentagon, Homeland Security, law enforcement, courts, state governments, all the way down to staff members. His stink has crept into every crevice of the American body politic. The only way to get rid of that stench is to vote for Democrats in numbers too large to dispute. Never mind if you like a candidate or not. Just hold your nose and vote for them. This is our only chance for survival. If people don’t do their part and vote, the Republicans will win by gerrymandering, voter suppression, and cheating. Guaranteed.

Steve Bannon is supposed to testify in front of the Select Committee today but he won’t because he thinks he’s part of some crusade that will hand America over to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. He’s going to defy the subpoena citing executive privilege even though he didn’t officially work for the government before, after, or on January 6. In your face, government! Steve Bannon thinks he’s invincible because he has Trump and Republican Jesus on his side!! He’s so omnipotent that he was pardoned by the president of the United States for committing crimes connected to the president of the United States!

Trump pardons fun fact: Steve Bannon wasn’t the only Trumper who got a pardon as a return favor from Trump. 88% of Trump’s pardons before he left office were connected to him.

The Trumper who was part of the planning of the insurrection in the Oval Office, Jeffrey Clark, has been subpoenaed. The Select Committee has evidence that he attempted to involve the Department of Justice in efforts to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

Herschel Walker, the retired football player and token African American Republican candidate that has Trump’s endorsement for Senate in Georgia, is in trouble for using a swastika made out of syringes to communicate his anti-vax message. A spokeswoman for his campaign said it wasn’t a swastika. “This is clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic.” Um no. It’s a swastika. No question about it.

“For Republicans, Jewish suffering is merely a rhetorical device to be appropriated, positioning themselves at once as the oppressors and the victims of genocide, displaying swastikas ‘ironically,’ donning yellow stars, and encouraging racist myths that end up blaming Jews.” — David M. Perry

The swastika is a symbol of the most monstrous, anti-Semitic period in modern human history. When it’s used, it’s used to communicate intense hatred and condemnation, whether the person flashing the symbol is conscious of it or not.

Speaking of using hate to win an election, Ohio US Senate Republican candidate Josh Mandel is running on the vaccine being about government control, that January 6 was patriotic, and that the only thing we need to fear are Democrats, BLM, the Deep State and George Soros. He just got kicked out of a school board meeting for ranting about masks and trans people. He’s against both. He’s against Muslims, too. But he loves guns and he loves Trump! Trump. Trump. Trump!!!! Radical left! Radical left! Wokeism and cancel culture! Wokeism and cancel culture! The Democrats are coming for your guns, heterosexuality, Bibles, hamburgers and cars!

A guy in Maryland shot and killed his own brother who was a pharmacist because he thought he was working with the government to poison people with the vaccine.

Trump released a statement telling his supporters (guys like the insane brother in Maryland and Josh Mandel) not to vote in the next 2 elections unless the Republicans overturn the 2020 election.

Democrat in name only Kyrsten Sinema is blowing off the infrastructure bill again by vacationing in Europe this week. Her constituents are sick of being ignored so some of them actually followed her into the bathroom when she took a break to go pee while teaching a class on fundraising at ASU. She doesn’t like being mildly inconvenienced so she put out a public statement telling her constituents to mind their manners.

Kyrsten Sinema hasn’t held a town hall in 3 years. Constituents are pissed off enough to confront her while she’s making a stream of consciousness.

Katie Porter, a Democratic Congresswoman from Southern California with three kids so she’s used to being followed into the bathroom (every day) said that Sinema should really stop being “cute” and “offer her concerns with the legislation.”

Singlehandedly letting the greatest democracy in the history of the world fall into totalitariansim while shopping in Paris is not cute.

Too cute for comfort. While you’re voting the Republicans out, vote Sinema out too.

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