Trump’s got everybody talking about his disgusting display of military might for his upcoming 4th of July celebration that he is dedicating to himself. While we’re outraged about that we’re not outraged about his crimes and human rights abuses at the border. He’s really good at this.

The 4th of July is supposed to be a celebration of the separation from tyranny but now we have a tyrant in the White House. The Dems should grab the narrative away from Trump’s biggest bestest Fourth of July that DC has ever seen and turn it into Declaration of Independence Part 2 — impeachment of the Republican tyrant president and the restoration of democracy.

Tanks have crossed the Potomac River for the first time in history — all for a vanity celebration of a tyrant. This is a disgraceful abuse of power. The bridges and roads may not be able to hold the weight of the tanks because the Infrastructure Week that Trump has promised over and over has never happened.

Trump is not only getting this campaign rally covered with tax dollars, he got the fireworks donated too. One of the companies, Phantom Fireworks, got a bomb threat after Trump thanked them on Twitter. If Trump gets busted for violating the Hatch Act with this invitation only Nuremberg campaign rally, then Fireworks by Gucci and Phantom could be in big trouble, too. They can’t donate more than $2,800 to a campaign. He’s pulled them into his web and will eat them alive too, just like he does everybody that gets sucked into his orbit.

Trump is getting the military parade he wanted after all. Tanks are moving through the streets of DC on their way to the Lincoln Memorial. This is a disgusting, un-American display. The whole thing is going to cost taxpayers $92 million, $80 million more than estimated even with the free fireworks.

That National Park Service has to divert $2.5 million in fees needed to improve parks around the country to Trump’s self aggrandizing publicity stunt. The parks really need that money. They’re still recovering from the neglect and vandalism they endured after Trump shut the government down earlier this year.

How empty and bereft do you have to be to take the 4th of July to show your might when you’re already THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

Trump has gone and taken the 4th of July away from us too.

Trump is making the military work on America’s birthday.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: A year ago Republicans were in Moscow celebrating the Fourth of July with Putin. They were: Richard Shelby of Alabama, John Kennedy of Louisiana, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Steve Daines of Montana, John Thune of South Dakota, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Kay Granger of Texas.

Trump lost the fight he started about the citizenship question on the census. The Supreme Court said no. Trump said he’s going to fight it. He’s such an idiot he doesn’t know that the Supreme Court is the last fight.

The Inspector General released a report with photos on the inhumane conditions of the migrant detention centers. This outraged the public. People showed up at congress members’ offices all around the country in protest.

What did Trump say about all of the negative publicity? After the 4th of July ICE is going to round up entire families including those who serve in the military.

A 30 year old Honduran migrant has died in ICE custody. He is the sixth person to die since October.

Presidential candidate Julian Castro, who is running on compassionate, common sense immigration reform, got in to a detention center and took secret video of migrants in federal custody.

Nancy Pelosi has not been to the border.

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