Looking Bad

Since too many people are dying alone and aren’t being identified within 14 days, New York City workers are having to bury bodies in pine boxes side by side in a mass grave on Hart Island. A drone captured them working and the video is going viral which makes the greatest, richest, most powerful country in the world look really, really bad.

Fox is telling its viewers that the coronavirus is over, that the media is making something out of nothing, and that doctors are ripping off Medicare by putting people on ventilators who don’t need them. They can charge $39,000 for each ventilator but can only charge $15,000 if they admit patients without hooking them up to ventilators. Fox is trying to make doctors, hospitals and Medicare look bad but Fox is the one that looks bad. You don’t have to watch Fox to know what they’re doing.

Bill O’Reilly says people who died from the coronavirus were already on their last legs anyway. This makes O’Reilly look bad but he doesn’t care. He made a shit ton of money on Fox looking bad.

Cancer usually kills about 1600–1700 people a day. Coronavirus is killing more. It’s the #1 cause of death in the country.

Trump was late for his daily quasi MAGA rally because he was talking to MBS and Putin. He bragged about having the best testing system in the world. He said officials will be doing wide testing in “certain areas” and doing “massive testing” even though it’s “not necessary.” When asked if he would implement nationwide testing system for the virus before reopening the country Trump said no. We don’t need to. It would be a nice thing to do but no. He’s all full of himself that he’s tested 2 million people. 2 MILLION! The country’s population is 330 million people. 2 million is .6% of the population. Every time that idiot opens his fat ugly dumb foul mouth he makes himself look bad.

Trump is pulling the funding plug for testing sites because they’re making him look bad. Too many tests means too many positives.

Hospitals are going broke because of the pandemic. They’re having to lay people off at a time when they should be hiring more staff.

The coronavirus has put a fine point on the need for universal health care and the government tossing out trillions of tax payer dollars to plug holes in Trump’s sinking ship proves that we can afford it. The coronavirus is making the American for profit health care system look bad.

When asked about the people who have lost their jobs and are afraid the economy won’t bounce back, Trump said, “Well I think the economy is going to do very well. Now that’s just my feeling. It’s a strong feeling. I’ve had good, proper feelings about a lot of things over the years.”

The coronavirus is making Trump and the Republicans look bad. The pandemic is putting a fine point on just how stupid people are in this country and why a healthy democracy needs an outstanding public education system so people can’t ever be fucked over by the government like this ever again.

Coronavirus cases in Florida are growing fast — 30,000 cases in a week. Dead people in Miami are not being tested for the coronavirus so the numbers don’t go up. Trump and Governor DeSantis want to keep those numbers down. They’re afraid those numbers will make them look bad.

Trump is giving more money away to farmers. The reason is not because he destroyed the industry with his stupidity, pride and greed, but because people “are eating less.” More socialism for the farmers so Trump doesn’t look bad.

People aren’t eating less. They’re eating more. They’re pigging out, stuck at home…..bored nervous wrecks.

The Third Lady did a PSA to tell people to wear a mask. She held the mask without ever putting it on. There’s no way she’s going to smudge all that makeup on camera. She can’t ever look bad.

More and more stories are coming out of Trump withholding aid out of revenge for his political enemies and giving aid to those who are loyal to him which is literally killing people. The Republicans haven’t said a damn thing because they want Trump to like them.

You have to be a friend of the president to get federal assistance.

“Trump is literally killing thousands upon thousands of Americans in an act of political genocide. He’s damning Americans to lonely, agonizing deaths because he expects political fealty and worship.” — Jared Yates Sexton

Trump started his day tweeting about the stock market: This week, in only 4 days, we had the biggest Stock Market increase since 1974. We have a great chance for the really big bounce when the Invisible Enemy is gone!

Trump wants us all back to work by May 1 because we’re making him look bad.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.