Trump did his final Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House (maskless of course), and awarded Olympian wrestler Dan Gabler with the 19th honor. There were a lot of kids there. It was so chaotic that one of the toddlers pitched a fit and threw himself on the floor. Somebody asked Trump about the inauguration which pissed him off so he walked out of his own office in a huff to go pardon a bunch of criminals, leaving Dan Gabler standing there looking and feeling really stupid.

The Supreme Court rejected a Republican request to overturn election results in Pennsylvania. Trump must be so pissed. He was sure the SCOTUS was going to help him topple democracy. All 9 justices said no way, even the 3 that he picked for his minor league team. This makes Trump look really, really stupid. He thought the Supreme Court would give him unlimited power.

“Remember when elections used to happen and then they’d be over and the loser would congratulate the winner and then everyone would get on with their lives? Evidently that’s too much to ask of what’s become the party of stupid fucking violent sore-loser terrorist assholes.” — Jeff Tiedrich

Chris Krebs, the former head of the US cybersecurity agency, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump’s lawyer Joe DiGenova (the guy who threatened to shoot him on the Newsmax TV show in response to the 60 Minutes interview) accusing him, the Trump campaign and Newsmax of a “pernicious conspiracy” to harm Republicans who had the guts to speak up against a Trump claiming election fraud. After DiGenova threatened Krebs, he started getting death threats so he had to move out of his home. His kids are scared to death. Republicans in Congress have said nothing.

Republicans are stupid assholes.

The lawsuit says, “Newsmax, the campaign, and DiGenova have a symbiotic relationship, Newsmax disseminates and amplifies the campaign’s and DiGenova’s attacks on perceived political threats and allegations of election stealing, which pleases viewers, prompts endorsements from President Trump, increases ratings, supports the political goals of the campaign, and helps raise more money from duped supporters.” It also names Governors Doug Ducey of Arizona and Brian Kemp of Georgia as being targets of Trump’s wrath for not obliging him in his attempts to overturn the vote counts in their states. It also mentions how Trump tried to get Republican leaders in states like Pennsylvania to go along with his plan to “ignore certified election results” and have state lawmakers appoint new delegates to the Electoral College to make their votes for Trump. Chris Krebs is a Republican and said he filed the suit to inspire other Republicans to speak up — “These behaviors are not acceptable in a civil society.”

Because Republicans are so stupid, they have dumbed down our civil society and turned it into a banana republic.

Republican lawyer Ron Filipkowski resigned from the 12th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission in Florida in protest. He refused to go along with Governor DeSantis using the cops to intimidate Rebekah Jones for telling the truth about the coronavirus.

Now that Ivanka and Jared have bought a mansion in Miami, Ivanka says she’s going to run for governor. She could win because Flori-duh is that stupid.

The attorney general from Texas, Ken Paxton, who wants the Supreme Court to overturn election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin is currently being investigated by the FBI which means he’ll probably be getting a pardon. Georgia Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue both support the lawsuit seeking to overturn Georgia’s election results. Pretty stupid, if we weren’t living in Trump’s America.

Also in shoot ’em up Texas — at least 3 members of the Texas Board of Education tested positive for the coronavirus after they met in person. Role modeling stupidity in public education in Texas. Yee haw!

One of Trump’s crackpot lawyers, Jenna Ellis, has tested positive for covid. She was just at a party at the White House so here we go again. Stupid is as stupid does. They’re all going to turn up infected.

4 lions at the Barcelona Zoo have tested positive for covid.

Meanwhile, Republicans are focused on the war on Christmas. Stupid Gym Jordan tweeted: The WHO now recommends against hugging over the holidays. Like we said last week, pretty soon you won’t be able to say Merry Christmas.

Here’s a stupid thought — MAGAs protesting funerals of people who died from covid holding signs that say “We survived Obama — you’ll survive Trump.”

“I’m not mocking Republican leaders for getting Covid-19. I’m mocking them for thinking they wouldn’t.” — George Takei

Pfizer offered to lock in an order of 100 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine but stupid vindictive childish fuck Trump declined so now we’ll have to wait until June.

“One of the saddest, most staggering, most infuriating parts of this whole tragic affair is that Trump’s derangement is visible to everyone — and yet the people in a position to put this madness to a stop have done nothing. Worse, they’ve urged him on. I’ll never get over this.” — Steven Beschloss

42 days until Republicans can pretend like they never wore the “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt.

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