Losers Take All

Another tape recording of Kevin McCarthy talking to House leadership on the phone has been made public. It was four days after the attack on the Capitol and they were talking about problem members and acknowledging how dangerous things had gotten. They spoke about Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks’s speech at the Stop the Steal rally before the attack, Matt Gaetz, and Barry Moore’s tweet about a Black cop shooting and killing a white female veteran not fitting the narrative. McCarthy said Trump deserved to be impeached and that Mo Brooks was even worse. The Select Committee has invited him to come in and talk to them.

The Freedom Caucus is turning on McCarthy. The whole GOP caucus in the House is a mess because he let things get too far out of fear that he’d lose the losers’ votes when he runs for Speaker if the repugs take the House in the fall. Now the pirates are plotting a mutiny. Captain McCarthy will be one of the first losers to finally lose. His own crew is going to push him overboard and will fight among themselves over who will steer the ship and get to keep the loot.

The media isn’t covering the demise of the GOP. Only the Democrats can be in “disarray.” They’re getting a lot of positive work done but much of it is ignored or under reported.

Nobody is talking about the wife of a Supreme Court Justice being part of the coup or the son in law of the president who organized the coup taking $2 billion from the Saudis. That’s old news.

Bored billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. Now Twitter can be what Truth Social set out to be but failed. Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter is ANYTHING GOES! It will be a free speech free for all — no rules or “censorship,” opening the door for Twitler to rejoin, child porn, ISIS beheadings, hate speech, QAnon crap, runaway Russian bots, and more lies and propaganda by the right wing wackos. Apolitical users said we’re outta here and more kooks joined. Katy Perry lost 200,000 followers in one day and Marjorie Taylor Greene gained 90,000. Another filthy rich white man who has never been told “no” is barreling through an online meeting place and has managed to topple what others have built in a single day.

Jim Jordan pressured Twitter to sell to Elon Musk or face a congressional investigation.

Truth Social’s CEO Devin Nunes has been begging Fox to post regularly on their platform.

Rand Paul defended Russia in a Senate hearing by justifying its invasion of Ukraine because it was once part of Russia and now Russia wants Ukraine back.

Rand Paul was one of the Republican members of Congress who travelled to Russia in 2018. He met with a Russian official who was under US sanctions for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. He passed on a hand written note that he brought with him from Trump to Putin.

John McCain called Rand Paul out 5 years ago. “So I say again, the Senator from Kentucky is working for Vladimir Putin.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will create a special state police force to investigate voter fraud and other election crimes. There is no voter fraud. 475 fraudulent votes were cast out of the 25 million in the 6 states that Trump claimed he won in 2020.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a new law that bans nonbinary gender markers on birth certificates in the state.

Congressboy Madison Cawthorn got busted for having a loaded gun at the airport again. This is the second time he’s done that since taking office.

Dr Birx and her scarf are on a rehabilitation tour, pimping a book of course.

Eric Greitens, the Trumplican candidate for Senate in Missouri, posted a video of himself and Junior shooting guns at a firing range. Junior said, “Striking fear into the hearts of liberals everywhere, folks.” Then Greitens said, “Liberals beware.” Greitens was elected governor of Missouri at the same time that Trump was elected president in 2017 but he didn’t last long. He resigned because he misused campaign funds and got caught up in a sex scandal with his hairdresser. His wife divorced him. They have two young sons. He hit one of them in the face and knocked a tooth out. He was a Navy Seal so imagine the calculated force that went into hitting a little boy’s face. A loser’s loser. The right man for Missouri?

Gun nut Michele Fiore is running for governor in Nevada. She calls herself Lady Trump and is running on the border crisis, no critical race theory, and no mask mandates. Like everybody else in her loser party, she’s not actually for anything, just against three made up crises that the repubs spin to whip up votes which make their followers so paranoid they go nuts with their guns.

School board president John Gray of the Goshen School District in Ohio was arrested on camera for driving to Indiana to meet what he thought was an 11 year old girl for sex after sexting with her. Little did he know he was really texting an adult and the cops were waiting for him in Indiana. He has resigned. This was his fifth term. Another creepy perverted loser Republican makes the pedophile list.

Republicans aren’t all born losers. Greed, money, and a lust for power turn them into losers.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.