President-elect Biden is asking everybody to wear a mask. It’s not a political statement. Our country is under threat. Wear a mask! Get control of yourselves, Americans!

Ben Carson tested positive for the coronavirus.

Mike Pence, who nobody has seen since Election Day, was in direct contact with Ben Carson when they traveled together 5 days ago.

Trump outside adviser David Bossie has tested positive for the coronavirus. He was at the unmasked election night celebration at the contaminated White House along with infected chief of staff Mark Meadows and Ben Carson.

6,000 people have died from the coronavirus since election day. We’re now up to over 10 million cases — 1/5 of the world’s cases. 239,000 are dead. We’re #1 in the world under Trump’s leadership. We’re #1. Trump won!

The governor of Utah has made masks mandatory.

The virus is out of control in the Dakotas. It’s going to get as bad for both states as it was in New York in April except their governors haven’t been blindsided by the crisis like Governor Cuomo was. They’ve done everything wrong and unlike New York, they don’t have the hospital infrastructure. This is a tragedy for everybody who has done everything they personally could to combat this and will get it and die anyway because of the lack of leadership and respect from their fellow citizens.

Texas is the first state to exceed 1 million cases. They have hit 2,000 deaths. 100 Texans are dying each day. Both US senators have made light of it. John Cornyn has likened the deadly virus with a beer brand and Ted Cruz has minimized the seriousness of the disease and by blaming Democrats and the media for making such a big deal out of it. He said the coverage would end the minute Biden was called. It didn’t. It got worse.

Lindsey Graham wants Trump to run again in 2024. He doesn’t want to lose control of “the movement.” What movement?

Trump has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a tweet. He’s the guy who is in charge of the military. Why now? Is it out of revenge or did Esper refuse to do something Trump told him to do, like attack another country out of spite?

Turns out that there are more than 545 innocent children who the state has orphaned. The count is up to 666. Lawyers can’t find the parents. They say there will be more. 239 of them were babies and toddlers. Trump, Stephan Miller, Jeff Sessions, Kirsten Nielsen, and everybody else who was part of this family separation strategy to deter future immigration should go to jail for this for it is a crime against humanity.

Bill Barr is on board with Trump filing all of these frivolous lawsuits and calling the election a fraud. The top DOJ official overseeing voter fraud investigations has had enough of his and Trump’s bullshit and has quit. That makes 7 veteran career prosecutors who have resigned from 4 different high profile cases (the Roger Stone case, Michael Flynn case, the Durham report, and now “election fraud”) to protest Barr’s political weaponization of the Department of Justice.

“Lawsuits without merit, arguments without evidence, theories without facts, and lawyers without integrity — or fees, because he never pays them.” — Richard Stengel

Trump is selling his private helicopter for some fast cash — over $1 million. He can sell national secrets to Russia too if he hasn’t already.

Trump is scamming his followers now to donate to his legal defense fund. He’s pocketing 60% of what comes in. It’s in the fine print which of course the MAGAs won’t read or believe.

The 2 Republicans running for Senate in Georgia want the secretary of state to resign because they didn’t win.

Trump is taking credit for the coronavirus vaccine. It wouldn’t have happened without him and it will be given to people during his term so –

It’s been 4 days and Trump is still refusing to concede. He won’t give up control. Send Leslie Stahl over so he’ll quit.

71 days until the inauguration.

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