MAGA Republicans are a Cancer on the Country

Spike Dolomite
4 min readOct 21, 2022


Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House strategist, was sentenced to 4 months in jail and fined $6,500 after a jury convicted him on 2 counts of criminal contempt of Congress (the Select Committee subpoenaed him and he blew them off). He has to report to jail in 3 weeks so they can get his room ready (just kidding, that’s standard because he’s doing time for a misdemeanor — he should get way more time with his upcoming trial for fraud in which he ripped people off by convincing them to send money to an organization that was building Trump’s wall but then he pocketed it — he’s going to convince those very same people to send him money again because he’s a “political prisoner.”) He will appeal of course because he’s a Christian martyr. 4 months should be long enough to detox. Maybe he’ll come to in jail and realize he’s not Republican Jesus.

A Black man in Florida got his election fraud charges dismissed. He is the first of 20 Black people who Governor Ron DeSantis had arrested for voter fraud to beat his case. He was faced with 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. DeSantis is doing this to scare Black people into not voting.

405 of former Georgia US Senator Kelly Loeffler’s texts from November 8, 2020 to February 3, 2021 have leaked which show that she was in on the plot to overturn the election. Ted Cruz was one of those texts. He was in on it too. There was another text from Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s wife calling her out for being part of the plot and blaming her for the death threats they were getting. Loeffler recently sat before the grand jury in Fulton County (so did former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and the infamous Marjorie Taylor Greene). These guys are all going to be taken down by emails and texts, the very thing that they tried to take Hillary Clinton down for without any proof.

Lindsey Graham’s appeal has been denied. He has to testify before the Fulton County grand jury for his calls to Brad Raffensperger, on Trump’s behalf. He’s in trouble.

Five members of one family from Texas spent their government stimulus checks to travel to Washington DC to attack the Capitol on January 6. They were arrested and then sentenced last week. The parents got 2 weeks in jail and the 3 adult children got probation and home confinement. They had never been political before. They were inspired to join in on all the fun by what they saw on TV and social media. After their sentencing hearing, they joined the nightly protest of people demanding the release of political prisoners who stand outside of the Washington DC jail (sometimes MAGA Republican members of Congress join them) where they were greeted with cheers and chants of “Munn, Munn, Munn!”

Former Capitol Police Officer Mark Riley is on trial for 2 counts of obstruction. He messaged one of the convicted rioters, Jacob Hiles, to tell him to delete evidence of him being at the Capitol. Riley was the first officer to respond to the bombs found at both the RNC and DNC headquarters. The person who planted those bombs still has not been found.

The Washington DC Attorney General is investigating the Republican governors of Texas and Florida for human trafficking. Greg Abbott from Texas transported migrants to the blue states on the east coast by bus. Ron DeSantis from Florida did it by plane. They did it for publicity reasons to get racist voters all worked up for their re-elections. The DC Attorney General has the power to bring both criminal and civil charges. Greg Abbott denies having anything to do with DeSantis human trafficking immigrants, but there are texts that say otherwise.

A busload of 50 migrants, including a one-month old baby, were dropped in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington DC a month ago. Only Fox News knows when these inner state deportations will take place — not the Department of Homeland Security or local governments. These poor people get dumped on the streets as a political stunt to benefit their re-election campaigns. Section 274(a)(1)(A)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act makes it a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines. Two governors are breaking federal law for political gain.

DeSantis and Abbott are doing what Trump did by using taxpayer money to create campaign ads. They’re exploiting immigrants and working with Fox News to capture it all for TV. It’s not only backfiring politically but it actually helps the asylum seekers. They’re much better off in Massachusetts, DC and Chicago than they would be in Texas or Florida plus now that they have been victims of a crime they can’t be deported out of the country.

Trump wanted to kidnap asylum seekers, too. He wanted to dump them in cities with Democratic governors where he was sending his secret police, but he was talked out of it. The idea was so bad that even Trump thought better of it.

DeSantis and Abbott are lawless and cruel, just like the whole lot of MAGA Republicans in elected office. Vote blue no matter who on November 8 to remove the cancer that is growing throughout the country.



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