Make America Great Again

Now that President Biden’s cabinet nominees have all been confirmed he is holding his first full cabinet meeting today and one thing is for sure — they won’t be told to go around the table and praise him, one at a time, on camera, like Trump’s psychophants did. He timed it right after he announced his once in a lifetime infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh yesterday. This will surely dominate the headlines for months and shape the 2022 midterm elections which is really going to suck for Republiqans because who is going to be stupid enough to say “no” to lots of new jobs, clean air and water, and repaired roads and bridges?

Biden is going big. This is FDR 102. His infrastructure plan is an investment in good union jobs and strong communities. It grows the economy from the inside out, not the top down which never worked. It’s a once in a generation investment that should last for decades. The last time America did this was after WWII which resulted in the most prosperous, comfortable time in American history for all Americans. He is proposing a plan that fixes all of our roads, bridges, railroads and lead pipes that have been deteriorating to the point of them being deadly. It will install electrical vehicle chargers across the country, fix damage from natural disasters that still hasn’t been tended to, fix deteriorating electrical grids, reduce congestion at ports and it will transition us to clean electric and hydrogen vehicles all made in America. All government contracts will be awarded to American companies only.

There isn’t much in Biden’s plan for the rich except they won’t have to buy a new Lexus every year because theirs got trashed driving on public roads. They might not die in a fiery car crash after they drive over a bridge that collapses as they drive across. Their kids might be cured of asthma once the air gets healthier and their housekeepers and nannies will be on time if they don’t have to take too many rickety buses to get to work. Not that they care, but their hired help won’t have to drink poisoned water anymore either. They’ll have to pay more in taxes but they’re so filthy rich they won’t even feel it. They’ve hogged all of the wealth in the world and pay nothing in taxes, just like they did before FDR came along and saved the country.

91 Fortune 500 companies don’t pay any federal taxes, including Amazon. Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world and his employees aren’t unionized. The pandemic made him even richer. Amazon sales went up 84% during the pandemic and he himself made $70 billion. He didn’t have to pay tax on any of it, thanks to Trump and the Republicans. He didn’t have to pay to maintain the roads that his trucks zoomed across to get packages to everybody stuck at home over the past year. All of us paying a tax rate of 22% did.

The people who will be taxed to pay for his plan will be the ones who benefitted from Trump’s tax plan. He’s going to essentially undo the only thing Trump did. If you make less than $400,000 a year, which is most everybody, you won’t be paying for this. You’ve been paying more than your fair share for far too long.

Mitch McConnell opposes Biden’s infrastructure plan.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower built the highway system. He was a Republican.

If Republicans really were good with money and fiscally responsible like they brand themselves to be, why wouldn’t they have retiring senators vote for Biden’s infrastructure plan so that the Dems could drive the country into a ditch like they always claim they will do and then rush in to save the day and win back both houses and the White House?

While Biden undoes the one thing Trump did as president and leads the country into a prosperous 21st century, Trump’s legal troubles intensify. A judge found that the nondisclosure agreements that Trump made everybody sign during his campaign are not valid. People can talk now. The Summer Zervos defamation lawsuit is moving forward which means Trump can be deposed. 2 Capitol Hill police officers have filed the third civil lawsuit against him for inciting the attack on the Capitol. Prosecutors are putting the squeeze on Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s long time CFO who knows where all of the bodies are buried. They want Trump’s bank records and are scrutinizing gifts Trump gave to him to pressure him to talk (Weisselberg’s son received an apartment on Central Park South, leased cars and private school tuition on top of a salary which Trump held over his head so he wouldn’t rat him out.) They are looking for proof that Trump manipulated property values to obtain loans and tax benefits. They’re also interested in the Trump Organization’s role in paying hush money during the 2016 presidential campaign to 2 women who said they had affairs with Trump. Michael Cohen implicated Allen Weisselberg in helping devise a strategy to cover the payments when he testified before Congress before going to jail. He has met with prosecutors 8 times already which means an indictment is sure to follow.

The FBI has phone records of all of the people who were at the Capitol on January 6. They know who called who before, during, and after the attack — rioters, police, and members of Congress.

Fox News’ drunken Jeanine Pirro cut a guest off after they praised Joe Biden by saying, “He’s making America better. He’s making America great again.”

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