Someone dies every 30 seconds and the president not only won’t acknowledge it, he has yet to express any sympathy for grieving families or lead the country in mourning, nor has he done antying to try to get the virus under control. He’s given up, taking credit for the millions who could have died but didn’t. This horrible moment in history has not been marked because the person who needs to mark it is the one who caused it.

We’re on our own. People are dying alone with strangers. Trump is killing us.

The daily death toll from the Trump Plague is equivalent to the death toll of 9/11 which has been marked with a sacred monument and annual ceremony.

Doctors and nurses are seeing 3–4 people die per shift. They’ve never experienced anything like this. The physical and mental toll is too much. Their own lives have been disrupted by dangerous working conditions that not only put their own lives in danger, but their families’ as well. They can’t even hug their kids when they get home after work because of contamination. Some don’t even live with their families. On top of that, they have to work to save the lives of those who defiantly refused to take any steps to protect themselves and others and are now taking beds away from others who are more deserving.

The casualties of the coronavirus extend beyond the actual virus itself. People are dying of heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, etc., because they can’t get the care they need because hospital beds are full of covid patients, many of whom were reckless and selfish, and hateful to those who are trying to save them.

Cities and states are starting to lock down again and Fox is still at it, stirring shit up, telling their viewers that the virus is being used to control their minds and lives. Tucker Carlson wants to know, “If lockdowns work, why haven’t they so far?” Because unfortunately reasonable people who stay home for the sake of others live in a world with people who watch Fox News and defy stay at home orders and proudly refuse to wear masks.

Republicans have politicized the coronavirus. Not wearing a mask is a mark that signals to everybody that the maskless person is not a Democrat.

A couple of heartless selfish jerks boarded a plane with their son knowing that they had covid. They were arrested. Their kid was put in custody of a family member and Child Protective Services was notified. Good.

Anybody who knowingly spreads the disease and gets others so sick that they die should face murder charges. At the very least they should be sued in civil court for wrongful death. There should be legal consequences for Republican negligence.

Never forget that Mitch McConnell said that federal assistance to help hospitals and health care workers is just a blue state hand out.

Joe Biden has not only asked Dr. Fauci to stay on, he’s asked him to be his top covid advisor. He has also asked everybody in the country to wear a mask for his first 100 days in office. That will be easy for everybody who is already doing that. He’s really talking to MAGAs. Will Fox News start a mask boycott?

Scientists, doctors, and president-elect Joe Biden say, “Mark my words! If you y’all wear a mask for 100 days and get the vaccine the Trump Plague will be over!”

Trump had a White House spy who snooped around the DOJ and pressured staff to give up sensitive information so she could report back to Trump. She got caught and marked and can no longer enter the Justice Department building. She’s been banned.

Turns out Trump never intended to reunite immigrant families. His administration has had contact information on parents all along but have acted like they don’t. It wasn’t incompetence. It was deliberate. Human rights violations is Trump policy. The cruelty was, and is, the point. Everybody involved in this better go to jail.

Speaking of jail, Trump is going to use the last days of presidential power to keep himself and his crime family out of jail, plus he’s taking bribes for pardons. He’s going to burn it all down before he goes out of spite. The mark he plans on leaving on the White House will be a giant black X made from the ashes of democracy and dead Americans.

X marks the spot where the Republican party burned down democracy in order to maintain power.

47 days until Trump can be stopped. Until then, anything goes. There doesn’t seem to be a political or legal way to keep him from doing what he has yet to do.

On your mark, get set, go. GO. Get out!

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