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5 min readJul 14, 2022


Trump’s super PAC, funded by suckers and fascists, has been paying for lawyers for people who have been subpoenaed by the Select Committee not because he’s a nice guy and feels guilty about putting others through such an ordeal but because he hires lawyers who get all the information that the Select Committee has on him and reports back to help him build his own defense. He was paying for Cassidy Hutchinson’s lawyer until she realized he wasn’t working on behalf of her best interest so she fired him. Once she got her own attorney she agreed to testify in public. 13 million people watched that hearing (not including live streaming and people who watched it later.) That’s more people than Monday night football.

What is going to happen to the 147 Republicans in Congress who voted against the people ahead of the coup? They went on record for not accepting that Job Biden won the election. What are they doing now? Will Trump hire attorneys for all of them?

John Bolton admitted on CNN that he has helped governments organize coups, but not here of course.

Former White House counsel Pat Cipollone thinks Mike Pence should get the Presidential Medal of Honor for not going along with the crowd on January 6. Um, no. You don’t get the medal of honor for doing your job at the last minute. That would diminish the value of the honor to a mere participation trophy. But then again, Trump peed on it before he gave it to Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Rush Limbaugh. Mike Pence would have qualified for the honor if he had come forward and blown the whistle before January 6.

Former attorney general Bill Barr doesn’t deserve the honor either just because he jumped ship 2 weeks before the coup. He’s no hero because he called Eastman’s plan to steal the election “bullshit.” He’s up to his neck in all of this. He served as Trump’s personal attorney from day one. He completely sabotaged the Mueller Report, militarized the police and deputized outsiders to attack and apprehend American citizens, and helped Trump try and get Ukraine to help him win in 2020. He’s one of the villains in the Trump story. He was subpoenaed in the Dominion 2020 election lawsuit which is suing the same wackos who we now know met in the White House on December 19 to invoke martial law and seize voting machines. Pushing false stories about Dominion voting systems being fraudulent seems pretty light weight in comparison.

Trump’s other helper, Lindsey Graham, is not getting out of his subpoena to testify before the grand jury in Fulton County to answer questions about what he knows about Trump asking the Secretary of State in Georgia to throw out ballots. A judge ordered him to show up.

Trump had a MAGA rally scheduled for tomorrow, July 15 in North Carolina but he had to cancel because he, Junior and Ivanka must testify in New York about their finances. They were subpoenaed. This was a ticketed event, $9 — $4,000 per ticket. Will the suckers be refunded or will he stiff them like he does everybody else?

In true blue California, Governor Newsom just signed a bill allowing victims of gun violence to sue the gun manufacturers. Last week he signed a bill that allows California to begin making its own low-cost insulin so diabetics in the state don’t die or go broke from not being able to afford their life saving medication. In November, Californians will be voting on whether or not to amend the state’s constitution to protect abortion. If everybody who is registered to vote shows up on election day there is no way it won’t pass because there aren’t enough religious zealots, Trumplicans, and self righteous sadists in the state to prohibit that from happening. It sucks to be a Republican in California these days. If they aren’t out and proud and the assholes of their neighborhoods, then they’re in hiding. Feeling outnumbered and aggrieved? Then a Republican exodus might be “right” for you! Move to Texas or Florida if things aren’t going your way. Or Arizona! It’s illegal to film the police within 8 feet now so cops have plenty of room to assault people you hate.

Fox is complaining that gas prices are falling too fast.

Republicans have no compassion for the 10 year old in Ohio who got pregnant and had to be taken to Indiana to get an abortion. They didn’t believe it at first and called it a hoax. Democrats made the story up to get sympathy for a kid who doesn’t exist. Now that the 27 year old man who raped her has been arrested they’re saying she wasn’t a victim. She had consensual sex with a 27 year old.

Any 10 year old who becomes pregnant was raped.

According to the Supreme Court the 10 year old is a murderer and the rapist’s baby was a gift from God. A 10 year old should be expected to raise a baby and the rapist should have parental rights.

What must Amy Coney Barrett be thinking about a 10 year old getting pregnant? According to her freakish cult Catholic beliefs, is the 10 year old a baby killer now that she’s had an abortion? Is she a criminal because she broke the law she made on behalf of her God? Is the rapist forgiven?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis and received communion from a Vatican priest. She was denied the sacrament by her own priest because of her support for abortion rights. Communion is a big deal for sincere Catholics. Fortunatley, this Pope doesn’t seem to be in sync with the Supreme Court. A 10 year old can’t consent to sex and be called a murderer if her parents get her the medical care she deserves.

Looks like the Vatican is evolving.

Catholic Church fun fact: Stillborn babies are not baptized because they never took a breath. Life begins at first breath and ends at last breath so……….



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