Men Behaving Badly

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJun 7, 2024


In Colorado, the Republican Party called for Pride flags to be burned this week. The chair used gay slurs in his fundraising emails after Pride Month started. The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, is gay, and a Democrat.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans booed, hissed, and walked out when Officers Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell were honored on the floor of the House of Representatives.

In Wisconsin, a white father, Matt Eddy, was arrested after he rushed the stage and assaulted a Black man during his daughter’s high school graduation. The Black man was the superintendent and Eddy didn’t want his daughter touching him by shaking his hand when she got her diploma. The town is known for this. They made news when a group of boys was photographed giving the Nazi salute and then again when Nazis canvassed the town with white nationalist propaganda they distributed in mailboxes.

In Minnesota, 5 people were convicted for their roles in a scheme that ripped off $40 million meant for feeding children during the pandemic. One tried to bribe a juror with a bag full of cash totaling $120,000.

In Vermont, 20 high schoolers were terrorized by the cops when they went on a field trip to the local police station and were terrified after 3 cops burst into the room and simulated a mass shooting with ski masks and fake guns. They screamed at everybody. Several students were hurt when they tried to run for their lives.

In Georgia, 3 white men on an appellate court stayed the decision to keep Fanni Willis off the Trump case. They decided to decide in October. Then they’ll kick the case down the road until 2025. Willis has a great case and is ready to go but southern misogyny and racism in the Deep South has stopped all progress, just as it has for centuries.

In Arizona, 11 people passed out during Trump’s first MAGA rally since he was convicted. It was 108 degrees at high noon and people couldn’t take the heat. Trump couldn’t take the heat when he noticed that some of his groupies were holding their Trump signs upside down on purpose. That made him hot under his shock collar.

Speaker Mike Johnson appointed Scott Perry and Ronny Jackson to the House Intelligence Committee. Scott Perry was part of the insurrection. He was a chief architect and had his phone seized by FBI. He took the lead in Congress not to certify the election and defied a subpoena by the January 6 Select Committee. He should be in jail, not Congress and definitely not on the committee. Ronny Jackson attended the Stop the Steal Rally.

Dr Phil interviewed a convicted felon at a crime scene. He went to Mar-a-Lago to interview Trump which is on par for both of them. Two grifters using each other in search of relevance.

Trump has been making selfie videos where he is quite literally foaming at the mouth.

Steve Bannon has been ordered to report to prison by July 1 to serve his 4 month sentence. He’ll be out of the way during the final months of the presidential election. The idiot should have served his time 2 years ago but instead he threw his money and privilege around so he could play Mr. Big Shot and now look at him — Mr. Big Not.

Over at the Supreme Court, justices are waiting until the last minute to decide the cases on guns, abortion, Trump’s immunity, and January 6 so they can high tail it out of DC to hide out on their fancy vacations, compliments of those that own them. Clarence Thomas finally told the truth on a financial disclosure form and admitted that he went on luxury trips in 2019 paid for by Harlan Crow. He yachted in Bali with his insurrectionist wife Ginni and a private chef. Cost: $500,000. Harlan Crow also sent him to an exclusive retreat for men in California. Clarence Thomas has been forgetting to disclose such “gifts” in the past. From 2004–2023, Supreme Court justices accepted $4.8 million in gifts. $4 million went to Clarence Thomas. The next highest was Antonin Scalia $210,000 and Samuel Alito $170,000.

Speaking of Samuel Alito, the flag story is getting worse. His former neighbor, Emily Baden, says Alito may have lied about what happened and used his power to intimidate her and her husband. During their altercation, Mrs. Alito screamed at them using their full names. That really scared them because they didn’t know each other. How did she know their names? Alito’s security detail started parking in front of their house, 4 doors down, after the upside down flag story came out in the New York Times. They took that as a threat. A Supreme Court justice targeted a private citizen. Alito’s letter to Congress had the wrong date that the flag incident happened. The neighborhood fight happened on February 15, 2 or 3 weeks after they put their upside down flag up. Alito tried to say that his wife hung the flag as a reaction to the dispute with the neighbors. That’s incorrect and the police report that was filed after the cops were called can prove it.

There is all sorts of proof of men behaving badly but until Democrats are elected, the proof, like the truth, won’t matter.



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